(Fighting against New Coronary Pneumonia) Many places in Inner Mongolia strictly control mail and express mail, and Manzhouli suspends overseas mail

  China News Service, Hohhot, November 6th (Reporter Zhang Wei) On the 6th, the reporter learned from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters that at present, mail and express mail are strictly controlled in many places in Inner Mongolia, and Manzhouli City has suspended overseas mail and express mail.

  On the 6th, the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters of Manzhouli City issued an announcement stating that with immediate effect, all shipping companies will suspend mail and express mail from overseas.

For mails and express mails that are already in transit from abroad, the forwarding companies must register with the competent authority and be sealed by the competent department; each mailing company implements a reporting system for mails and express mails from medium and high-risk areas, and delivers the mails and express mails to the shipper one day in advance , Freight vehicles, drivers and other information and the passing area to report to the competent authority, after entering Manzhouli, the competent authority will seal up.

  For the urgent need to pick up, the professional disinfection company's external packaging, disinfection of the goods and the negative nucleic acid test can be collected.

  The announcement shows that for mail and express mail entering Manzhouli, each delivery company implements a "disinfect first, then deliver" system.

For postal and express companies that cannot be disinfected according to standard procedures, they need to entrust a third-party disinfection company to disinfect all mails and express mails that are delivered, and deliver them only after disinfection measures are taken.

At the same time, all shipping companies must conduct strict and comprehensive disinfection of express delivery sites, business sites, transportation vehicles, and corporate office sites.

  Netizens are forbidden to purchase products online from overseas, and for frozen and refrigerated foods from medium- and high-risk areas within the country.

Advocate for netizens to reduce online shopping, especially to prevent shopping from online stores in high-risk areas.

  Hohhot City and Bayannaoer City respectively issued notices stating that it is strictly forbidden to purchase imported foods from unknown sources and without a negative nucleic acid test certificate.

  The Hohhot New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters issued a notice showing that it should try to avoid purchasing goods through online express delivery channels from medium and high-risk areas in China.

For products purchased through e-commerce, micro-commerce and other channels, avoid direct contact with your hands. It is recommended to wear masks and gloves, disinfect the inner and outer packaging before bringing them indoors.

  The Bayannur City New Crown Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters issued a notice stating that it is not necessary to purchase goods online from overseas and domestic medium-high-risk areas in the near future. If there are goods purchased online from overseas high-risk countries and domestic medium-high-risk areas, do not accept or open the package. , Try to return from the original channel.

  Many places in Inner Mongolia encourage the adoption of a contactless delivery mode.

In the community with smart express box, the delivery personnel are registered and qualified by measuring their body temperature, and the delivery personnel and the recipient determine the receiving method.

For face-to-face delivery, the recipient must wear a mask and keep a safe distance before receiving the item.