At 12:59 on the 7th, "Beginning of Winter": Autumn will return and winter will come again, the cold will not cover the mountains

  Xinhua News Agency, Tianjin, November 5 (Reporter Zhou Runjian) "Last night was clear and cold, and red leaves were full of heads." The "2021 Chinese Astronomical Calendar" shows that it will usher in at 12:59 on November 7th, Beijing time. Lidong" solar terms.

At this time, the yellow flowers are dew, the drizzle produces cold, the remaining branches and dead trees, the red leaves are full of steps, although the autumn is not exhausted, the cold wind is coming.

  Luo Shuwei, a historian and researcher at the Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences, said that "Lidong" is the nineteenth solar term in the twenty-four solar terms and the first solar term in winter.

"Li, Jianshi also", folks customarily regard this day as the beginning of winter.

"Winter is the end, and everything is collected." "Lidong" not only represents the beginning of winter, but also means that when the year is about to end, everything is collected, sheltered from the cold, recuperated, and prepared for the flourishing of the next spring.

  In the twenty-four solar terms, each solar term has five days as a period.

The three periods of "Lidong" are: in the first period, the water begins to freeze; in the second period, the ground begins to freeze; in the third period, the pheasant enters the large water as a mirage.

It means that when entering "Lidong", the water surface freezes, the ground freezes, and big birds such as pheasants no longer move.

At this time, although "autumn is gradually entering winter", because the heat stored on the surface cannot be dissipated for a while, every time the wind is sunny, there will often be a warm "Xiaoyangchun" weather, which is comfortable and refreshing.

However, the cold air from the north will also frequent southward, forming cold wave weather accompanied by rain and snow.

  In ancient my country, "Lidong" was still an important festival.

"The emperor went out of the suburbs and gave the ceremony of'welcoming winter', giving the officials winter clothes, warm hats, and widows. After the Song Dynasty, people had to change their new clothes on the day of'Beginning of Winter'. Because'Lidong' belongs to the turn of autumn and winter, eating dumplings at the time of'Jiao'zi has become one of the important customs in northern my country, and it has been inherited to this day." Luo Shuwei said.

  How should the public maintain health during the "Lidong" season?

Luo Shuwei combined the folk traditions and the advice of health experts, saying that from "Li Dong" to "Li Chun", commonly known as "Winter Three Moons", it is the coldest time of the year.

The human body must also adapt to this natural change. The main diet is to "nourish storage" and eat more foods rich in protein, fat, vitamins and minerals to resist wind and cold.

"Lidong nourishes the winter, does not fill the mouth", but under the guidance of a doctor, you should choose tonic, warming or small tonic for your body's constitution to nourish yin and qi, and avoid greasy and thick flavor or blind tonic.

After "Beginning of Winter", the sunshine continues to shorten and the temperature keeps dropping. You should go to bed early and get up late to ensure adequate sleep so that the "yang" in your body can be hidden. It is advisable to spend more time in the sun, adjust your emotions, and broaden your mood.

Timely exercise can enhance the body's resistance. Due to the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it is necessary to keep warm. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should avoid excessive exercise.