Cases that are rising, a new wave in Europe, and still 11.1% of eligible French people who have not received the slightest dose.

Faced with this fear, Prime Minister Jean Castex urged this Friday in Montpellier to "a general mobilization around vaccination" in the face of the resumption of the Covid-19 epidemic in France, calling on those concerned to "resort to the third dose ”.

"We are not out of the epidemic, neither in France nor elsewhere, the time has not come to let our guard down," also underlined the head of government, recalling that "even if it is not not an explosion, 80 departments are experiencing a slight but real recovery ”.

"The bill on various provisions for health vigilance, which must be adopted definitively today, gives us the weapons to continue to fight this epidemic in the coming months", he welcomed, specifying that he "Authorizes to act" according to "three principles that we have collectively learned", "pragmatism, proportionality of measures and transparency".

Tour de France of the Ségur de la Santé

The Prime Minister therefore called for "general mobilization around vaccination", including the third dose for those concerned, especially those over 65.

Asked about the avenues favoring vaccination including that of a health pass involving a third dose of vaccine, Jean Castex replied: "We are considering that of the health pass probably more than the path of compulsory vaccination for those over 65 years old. ".

He promised a "response soon".

After Dijon on October 19, the head of government continued his tour of France at the Montpellier University Hospital, detailing in the regions the investments in hospitals and nursing homes promised in a global envelope of 19 billion euros negotiated during the Ségur de la Santé.

"In Occitania, we will invest 1.6 billion euros in this sector over 10 years", or "1.4 billion to build the health establishments of tomorrow, and 200 million to build the nursing homes of tomorrow", announced Jean Castex in the presence of the president (PS) of the region Carole Delga.

The State will support the Montpellier University Hospital to the tune of 250 million euros, including 20 million in debt assumptions, the Prime Minister also said.


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