At a maternity hospital in Tokyo, a 63-year-old man who was mistaken for another baby immediately after birth filed a lawsuit against Tokyo to investigate related parents, saying that he wanted to know his real parents. rice field.

The person who filed the complaint was Mr. Satoshi Ezo (63), who lives in Tokyo.

Born in Sumida Ward, Sumida Ward in April 1958, he was mistaken for another baby immediately after birth, so he investigated who his parents had a blood relationship with Tokyo. I filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court.

In the trial filed by Mr. Ezo in 2004 over the mistake, a ruling was finalized that acknowledged the responsibility of the city and ordered compensation, but the city said that the provision of information and investigations regarding the actual parents were "decrees on which it is based." It means that it does not respond as "There is no".

Mr. Ezo said that he had investigated about 60 people with similar birth dates in Sumida Ward on his own and visited them, saying, "What my ancestors were doing and who I am. I want to know, and I want to fulfill my mother's wish to "meet a real child." I think my parents are old, but I want them to be fine. "

Attorney Yuichi Kaido said, "It's strange that you can't meet your true parents because of a mistake in the city, but you can't get them investigated."

On the other hand, the Tokyo Metropolitan Hospital Management Headquarters says, "I can't comment because I haven't received the complaint."