UN report on the conflict in Tigray: "The team is unable to conclude a genocide"

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Françoise Mianda, (right), Michelle Bachelet (center) and Maarit Kohonen Sheriff (left), on November 3, 2021, at the UN headquarters, in Geneva, during a press conference to present the report of UN on the conflict in Tigray.

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By: Florence Morice Follow

Who among the Ethiopian, Eritrean, or Tigrayan armed forces has committed the most possible war crimes in Tigray?

Can we speak of a "genocide" in connection with this conflict which began a year ago and has been escalating for a few days?

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights delivered its eagerly awaited report on the subject on Wednesday 3 November.

Françoise Mianda, in charge of East Africa at the High Commission, is the guest of RFI.

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