• For the past few weeks, the “Daltons” have been sowing panic in Lyon, challenging the police forces with wild rodeos.

  • However, the authorities are responding firmly: four drivers have already been arrested and will be tried at the end of the month.

  • The Alliance Police Union fears that this is not enough to stem the global rodeo phenomenon.

For the past few weeks, they have been having fun challenging “Lucky Luke”, those they call “cowboys”, in other words the police.

Dressed in their striped Dalton costumes, they get on their scooters or motorcycles to taunt the authorities and drive at high speed between the pedestrians of the Place Bellecour in Lyon or the cars of the city center.

Followers of social networks, the “Daltons”, a rap group from Lyon, multiply the videos to praise their exploits and to avenge in a way one of their comrades considered as the leader of the group.

Rapper Many GT has been in jail since August for participating in the filming of a clip containing wild rodeos.

"Provide a firm and immediate response"

Mocked, the authorities have made it a point of honor to track down troublemakers. Denouncing “unacceptable behavior”, the Lyon public prosecutor's office wished to show its determination to “provide a firm and immediate response”. The police are on the lookout. On the ground, the response was not long in coming: four "Daltons" have been arrested over the past ten days. Three of them were arrested over the weekend of October 23 following a police chase. Two who had no previous criminal record were placed under judicial supervision, the third in pre-trial detention. They will be judged on November 26. A fourth was picked on October 30 after a fall on a motorcycle.

“Real investigations are being carried out to deconstruct this structure.

All means are coordinated to anticipate and prevent their actions.

The problem is the group effect.

We may stop some, others will do the same thing afterwards by mimicry ”, confides a source close to the file.

And to add: "We know that they are kids of 18-20 years, ready to take the risk of being arrested while they know very well that others have fallen before them.


"For once, the penal answer is there but it is not always the case"

Pierre Tholly, regional secretary of the Alliance Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes police union, is a bit skeptical. “I don't know if this will solve the whole problem because rodeos are not a recent phenomenon. They have been around for a long time. The Daltons achieved what they wanted: to be talked about, to advertise on the cheap. The case has become emblematic. For once, the criminal answer is there. It is very good. But it's not always the case. There are the Daltons, of course, but there are others ... "

For its part, the town hall of Lyon ensures that the rodeo unit deployed in the summer, is not idle. The prosecution adds that the device is ramping up: 9 people tried in immediate appearance for having engaged in urban rodeos in 2019, 23 in 2020 and 35 over the period from January to September 2021 alone. “Since the beginning of the year, the Lyon court was thus able to pronounce 22 prison sentences including 5 accompanied by a committal warrant, recalls Nicolas Jacquet, public prosecutor of Lyon. Inadmissibility has also been ordered by the court in order to exclude disruptive individuals in certain municipalities or territories. "

"The measures put in place are very good but we will see the result over time", nuance Pierre Tholly, convinced that it would have been necessary "to act well before to stop the phenomenon".

“If we had sent a strong signal from the outset, we would not have had to manage this epidemic which is now reaching downtown Lyon, he believes.

When we are sick, we take the right medicine to heal ourselves.

But sometimes, you have to anticipate to avoid getting sick and things get complicated.

There it is the same.



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