It hosts publishers, artists, and creators from 83 countries around the world

"Sharjah Book" enters its 40th year with 15 million books

The exhibition dedicates an integrated program and hundreds of workshops and events for children.

Emirates today

In its new session, which will be held at Expo Center Sharjah until November 13, the exhibition affirms a message it has devoted throughout a long journey, in which it led the largest cultural campaign in the world.

With each of its sessions, the exhibition transforms this vision into a reality not only for Arabic speakers, but for audiences of all cultures and languages. This year, 1632 publishing houses from different countries of the world meet on its territory, and it hosts writers, creators and artists from 83 countries, including Arabic and English speakers. , French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Urdu, Hindi, Filipino, and other international languages.

New Arts and Sciences

Many new followers of Arab and foreign publishing houses are looking for a platform that allows them to access books, without barriers to shipping, quality, or other challenges that face online book shopping, and this is what readers find at the fair. This year, the fair offers 15 million Books, including 110,000 new titles, are being shown for the first time in the exhibition.

art enthusiasts

In addition to the thousands of publications presenting the history of art, painting production techniques, the arts of drawing, coloring, and decoration that are present at the exhibition with publishers from different countries of the world, this year the exhibition dedicates a corner for painters, through which it provides an opportunity for those interested to master the arts of children’s book illustrations, and opens to them The door to present their experiences to experts and specialists.

For those interested in theatre

To the right of the gate of the Expo Center Sharjah, overlooking the Sharjah Mamzar, in the main hall of the exhibition, it opens its doors for 11 days in front of theater lovers, adults and children, to follow artistic performances by playwrights and creators in the performing arts.

Extraordinary shots

Photography professionals and amateurs travel to countries of the world to capture the features of human faces in their unique diversity, and move between events and events to reach exceptional and remarkable shots, and this is what the exhibition summarizes among its halls, as it is the place that brings together guests and audiences from all countries of the world, and it is the place where photographers can be Face to face with stars, artists and celebrities.

Housewives and cooking enthusiasts

The Sharjah International Book Fair, through a dedicated cooking corner, opens the door for amateur and professional chefs to learn directly about the art of preparing food with the most famous chefs in the region and the world. The cooking corner turns into a live platform to learn the secrets of preparing meals, desserts and drinks.

enchanted worlds

Children look forward to a platform that embraces the activity of young people, and this is what the exhibition places on top of its priorities by organizing annually an integrated program that organizes hundreds of workshops and creative, artistic and cognitive events led by Arab and foreign specialists.

Content creators and musicians

The exhibition, via the social media platform, provides a great opportunity for the public to meet the most famous Arab and foreign influencers and content makers, while at the same time it gives content industry enthusiasts the opportunity to professionalize and learn the skills and techniques of digital marketing, photography, podcast production, writing for social media sites, and other skills.

• 11 days combining literature with art, music and photography.

• 1632 publishing houses from different countries of the world.

• The exhibition provides a great opportunity to meet the most famous Arab and foreign influencers and content makers.

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