Renaud went to Velleron (Vaucluse) this Sunday to support the protest movement for the Grande Bastide real estate project.

The singer came by car to the entrance to the site where the opponents were present.

The Collective for the Defense of the Grande Bastide referred to the artist's “flash pass” on his Facebook page the next day.

He welcomed this “support”.

The interpreter of

Mistral Gagnant

is not the first known person to come and encourage the protesters.

Grand Corps Malade had also visited the people gathered on the site of the Grande Bastide on October 26.

The slam star indeed resides in Velleron.

France Bleu Vaucluse indicates that Renaud lives in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (Vaucluse), a few kilometers away.

Protesters take turns in front of the construction site

Opponents of the construction of 200 housing units have organized themselves to organize a rotation ensuring a permanent presence on site.

They count among them the mayor of the municipality.

Their objective is to prevent the progress of the work planned on the heights of the town, which they deem likely to disfigure the latter.

The real estate developer, for his part, highlighted the legality of the program and the studies carried out.


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