On the night of October 31, 17 people were injured in a car on the Keio Line running in Chofu City, Tokyo, and the suspect was arrested after stabbing a man in his 70s. It turned out that there was a suspicion that he moved inside the car to chase after him, sprinkled oil and set it on fire.

The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the situation, saying that it aimed at a train with many people on Halloween.

Kyota Hattori (24), whose occupation is unknown, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Around 8 pm on October 31, a 72-year-old passenger man was stabbed with a knife and became unconscious in the Keio Line train running near Kokuryo Station in Chofu City, Tokyo, including junior high school students. 16 people were injured by smoking.

According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Hattori suspected that after stabbing a man sitting in his seat, he moved the vehicle with a knife to chase after the fleeing passengers, and then sprinkled lighter oil and set it on fire. I understand.

In response to the investigation so far, he said, "I aimed at a train with a lot of people on Halloween. I thought that passengers could not escape because the limited express train has a long distance between stations."

According to the investigators, Hattori was originally from Fukuoka City and explained that he "came to Tokyo around July."

The Metropolitan Police Department is further investigating the behavior of the suspect before and after the incident.