“The sun is not everywhere in the Moscow region, because the western half of the Moscow region is cloudy, so we do not have a bright sun.

Of course, these clouds are likely to disperse, and after noon, sunny weather will be everywhere in the metropolitan area.

On November 2, the weather will continue to be determined by the periphery of the anticyclone.

With variable cloudiness, precipitation is not expected in our country.

In Moscow, the temperature is -1 ... + 1 ° С, in the center - up to + 3 ° С, "Pozdnyakova explained.

According to her, tomorrow, November 2, the temperature in the region may drop to -3 ° С, and the daytime temperature will be + 5 ... + 7 ° С in the city.

“The change in the nature of the weather will take place during the day, or by the evening on Wednesday, November 3.

At night we still have no precipitation, and in the daytime light rain will gather in some places.

It will become noticeably warmer at night, because there will be more clouds.

In Moscow - + 3 ... + 5 ° С, in the region - + 2 ... + 7 ° С.

The warmest day is expected on November 4, maybe even November 5, because we will be in the warm sector of the Atlantic cyclone, ”the expert added.

She noted that the night would become "noticeably warmer."

“In Moscow, about - + 6 ... + 8 ° С, in the region - from + 4 ... + 9 ° С, daytime temperature on November 4 in Moscow - + 10 ... + 12 ° С, in the region - + 7 ... + 12 ° С , and the wind will be still southerly, but not so strong, dense ... On November 5, cloudy weather will remain, at night it will rain in places, during the day there will be more rain.

Because we will already be crossed by a cold atmospheric front, the air temperature is still significant (due to the fact that it will be cloudy and rainy), will not change.

It will be within the range of + 9 ... + 10 ° С, ”the meteorologist said.

Pozdnyakova added that cloudy weather is expected on November 6, with light rain in places.

“At night - + 4 ... + 9 ° С, daytime temperature at the level of + 7 ... + 12 ° С in the region, but the weather during the day on Friday and during the day during the day on Saturday will be quite windy, gusts in places can reach 12-15 m / s.

Rain and wind will not warm up more than we would like, ”she concluded.

Earlier it was reported that in Moscow on Monday, November 1, it is expected up to +12 ° С.