The socialist presidents of 15 departments wrote to the Prime Minister to protest against making eligible for RSA employees suspended for lack of health pass, the government for its part recalling that any person without resources can be entitled to national solidarity.

"We have just been informed of the ministerial decision relating to the treatment of situations of suspension of employment contract in the absence of a health pass", write the presidents of 15 departmental councils in a letter to Jean Castex.

"The payment of this allowance should be made without taking into account the income of the last three months of the people, in order to make them immediately eligible for the RSA", they explain in a press release.

An unprecedented arrangement?

In their letter, the elected officials express their "disagreement with this decision" which transforms the RSA, "a solidarity device intended for people who are unable to earn income from work, unemployment benefit or as an outlet for health policy. national ”.

They suggest that such an allowance should rather be financed "via social contributions or national solidarity".

Denying having set up a "new device" for suspended personnel, the Ministry of Solidarity and Health indicated that "common law applied" and that "a person who is without resources must be able to benefit from solidarity national, support such as the RSA or another social minimum ”.

Departmental money versus national health policy

"The RSA being a device of departmental competence (...), it is not acceptable for a decision relating to its management to be taken without consultation with the departments", argue the presidents of the departmental councils of Loire-Atlantique, Gironde, Gers, Landes, Seine-Saint-Denis, Aude, Tarn, Nièvre, Lozère, Haute-Vienne, Pyrénées-Orientales, Ariège, Lot-et-Garonne, Côtes d'Armor and Haute-Garonne.

“The state takes a decision that must be assumed by others: the departments in this case.

It is inconsistent and unfair, ”comments the Socialist President of the Landes Departmental Council, Xavier Fortinon, in the Sud-Ouest regional daily.

In the absence of vaccination or failure to present proof of a negative test or a recent test attesting to the recovery from Covid-19, the employment contract of employees exercising their activity in sectors open to the public may be suspended, resulting in lack of remuneration.

A real problem?

"What would be the resources of people suspended from their jobs for lack of a health pass, this should have been anticipated upstream, when the government implemented this health pass, then decided that the tests would become chargeable", estimates Jean-Luc Gleyze, socialist president of the Gironde, who indicates that he has no information on the number of employees concerned.

The number of people concerned should be minimal, says a source close to the matter, because few professions are concerned (catering, leisure, hotel industry, hospital sector, etc.) and many have been vaccinated.

In addition, some companies finance PCR and antigen tests, which have become chargeable, or have assigned the employees concerned to tasks where they are no longer in contact with the public.


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