East Lake traffic police rectify traffic violations

  accidentally help woman find her missing father

  Yangtze River Daily (Reporter Jin Xiaohui, Correspondent Su Chang) A reporter from the Yangtze River Daily learned from the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Donghu Eco-tourism Scenic Division that when the illegal rectification of electric bicycles was carried out in the jurisdiction on the 28th, he accidentally helped an illegal driver to find Family separated for 18 years.

"Thanks to the traffic police for correcting my illegal behavior in time and helping me return to my family." The driver said.

  At 16:00 on October 28, the tunnel squadron of the Traffic Brigade of the Donghu Ecotourism Branch of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau set up a post at the intersection of Qiaoqiao Village on Lumo Road to carry out illegal rectification of electric bicycles. A yellow card "electric bicycle" drove into the vision of squadron leader Zhang Rui , Zhang Rui immediately stepped forward and stopped him for inspection.

It turns out that yellow card electric bicycles have long been banned on the road in Wuhan.

After approaching, I found that the "electric bicycle" with a yellow card was actually a fuel-driven motorcycle.

Not only that, Zhang Rui also found that the driver had a strong smell of alcohol, so he immediately performed a breathing alcohol test on him. The results of the on-site examination showed that the alcohol content in his blood was as high as 109mg/100ml!

Has reached the standard for drunk driving of a motor vehicle, so the driver was immediately controlled.

Upon questioning, the man claimed to be surnamed Yuan, 59 years old this year, and did not want to reveal his other identity information too much, so the police took Yuan back to the brigade for further verification and temporarily detained the motor vehicle he was driving.

  Subsequently, based on part of the personal information and physical characteristics provided by Yuan, the policeman inquired through the public security network that Yuan's status was "deregistered".

Obviously standing in front of the policeman, his identity was cancelled many years ago. While the policeman was puzzled, he also asked the man in more detail.

  It turned out that Yuan was from Daye, Hubei. After a dispute with his family 18 years ago, he left home angrily and went to work everywhere. During the period, he never returned home and never contacted his family.

A few years ago, he had gone to the police station where he lived to apply for the replacement of his identity card on the grounds of losing his identity card, but was told that his identity had been cancelled.

He thought it was his family who didn't want to recognize him anymore, and he was stubborn that he planned to never see his family again in his life.

  Because Yuan was suspected of breaking the law and needed to inform his family members, the East Lake police went through various ways and finally contacted Yuan's daughter who was still living in Daye.

Upon learning that Yuan was still alive, Yuan's daughter was so excited that she immediately rushed to Wuhan from Daye to recognize each other.

At 22:00 that day, in the office building of the East Lake Transportation Brigade, Yuan’s daughter and three other family members finally met Yuan, who had not met in 18 years.

Yuan's daughter touched her father's callous hands, while complaining that her father hadn't contacted her family for so many years, she cried and felt distressed that her father was wandering alone.

Yuan also let go of his grievances after learning that his family was still willing to accept him back home.

  Yuan Mou will be severely punished by law for a number of illegal acts such as driving a motor vehicle while drunk or driving an unlicensed motor vehicle without a license.

Yuan said: "Illegal driving of a motor vehicle hurts others and myself. Thank you to the traffic police comrades for waking me up in time, and also very grateful to them for helping me contact my daughter." Continue to provide assistance in restoring household registration status.