"Tokyo International Film Festival", the largest film festival in Asia, has started on the 30th.

At the opening event, due to the influence of Corona, we canceled the red carpet that responds to the cheers of the spectators as we did last year, but this time the competition section to compete for the highest award will be held for the first time in two years.

The opening event of the 34th Tokyo International Film Festival was held at the venue in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on the 30th of the first day.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the red carpet that responds to the cheers of fans has been canceled as it was last year, and instead the actors and directors greeted in front of the press.

At the opening ceremony held in the hall, actor Ai Hashimoto, who is an ambassador for the film festival, took the stage, and regarding the theme of this year, "cross-border", "there are various borders such as gender and culture, but they acknowledge the differences. I think the role of the film is to foster awareness and sensibilities to compromise. "

This year, the competition section, which had been canceled last year, was held for the first time in two years, and of the 15 selected works, from Japan, director Daigo Matsui said, "I just remembered a little," and director Tadashi Nohara said, "Three. "Honesty for the second time" competes for the highest award.

The Tokyo International Film Festival will be held at venues such as Hibiya, Tokyo until the 8th of next month, during which 126 films will be screened.