China Weather Network News today (October 30) Beijing heavy fog yellow warning comes into effect, there will be light fog or fog in the morning to daytime, the maximum temperature is 20℃, the northerly wind gradually increases at night, and the diffusion conditions are getting better.

The cold air is active, and the temperature will drop significantly next week. The maximum temperature will drop to 12°C on November 2nd.

  Yesterday, the spreading conditions in Beijing deteriorated and the visibility at night was gradually reduced. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow warning for heavy fog.

Visibility was poor this morning, less than 1 km in many places.

  Today, there is light fog or fog in Beijing, and the northerly wind increases at night.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that from this morning to daytime, it will be sunny (with light fog or fog) and will turn cloudy, with north-south breeze at level 2 or 3, with a maximum temperature of 20℃; at night, cloudy to clear, with a south-north wind at level 3 or 4, and a minimum temperature of 8℃. .

  The cold air activity has been frequent recently, and the temperature will drop from tomorrow, with the highest temperature being 16°C and the lowest temperature being 3°C.

The temperature will drop more significantly next week, and the daytime maximum temperature may drop to 12°C on November 2. The public needs to pay attention to nowcast information.

  Meteorological experts reminded that visibility is poor today. The public should keep a safe distance when driving, drive carefully, and pay attention to traffic safety.

At the same time, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the temperature is low in the morning and evening.