Zhang Ying

  "The Voice of China" ends, who is the champion?

Who is the "new sound generation"?

Few people remember and pay attention.

As a once-popular music variety show, the "good voice" can't sing this year, and the weakness of the music variety show can be seen.

"Our Song" poster

  From its premiere in 2012, "The Voice of China" has reached its tenth year, and the popularity of this show is still fresh in the memory.

The "good voice" has won many loyal fans. In the past few years, the tutors have been exchanged, and the form has been innovated. This year, it has been replaced by 8 tutors, which are lively and lively, but there is no "good voice" to conquer the ears.

  In the past two years, music variety shows have shown a weak trend. The main manifestation is that few new popular works have been output, and no newcomers have appeared.

As far as this year's "good voice" is concerned, there seems to be only one hot spot throughout the season-online singer Wang Jingwen. Wang Jingwen was "suggested" to the finals from beginning to end, and was praised by his instructor all the way as "Wang Bo".

After listening to her singing, ordinary audiences will usually ask with a bewildered expression, this is it?

Singing skills are not good, and the voice is monotonous. As a layman, I can hear it a lot worse than professional singers.

Judging from the results, the selected singers did not have representative works and did not perform well, so Wang Jingwen, who has millions of fans, is more like a life-saving straw that this show can seize.

  Music variety shows have always been one of the most popular types of variety shows, from CCTV’s "Young Song Competition" in the 1980s, to the music talent show "Super Girl", to "The Voice of China" and "I Am a Singer", Until the "Summer of the Band" created by the online platform, there have indeed been many great works in music variety shows.

  In the past two years, music variety shows have shown signs of fatigue and seem to have entered a bottleneck. Hunan Satellite TV’s veteran music variety show "singer" suddenly came to an end; the "Summer of the Band" that many fans were looking forward to stopped in the second season.

This year's music variety shows are only "The Voice of China", "Our Song" and "Time Concert".

  The lack of core content is the biggest problem with music variety shows. The two programs that are currently on the air are obvious.

"Our Song" is presented in an old and new way, not only invited Qi Qin and Lu Fang from his father's generation, but also Lin Zixiang, who is in his 70s, and most of the songs sang are familiar old songs; Hunan Satellite TV's "Time Concert", the old middle-aged singer "Night Talk in the Furnace", sang the classics preserved in time.

Every song is good, and every singer makes people sigh, but they also revealed the same information-fried cold rice. In retrospect, in recent years, good singers have emerged, and there are also good songs, but there are no classics, like the past. In that way, the scene of Chinese music booming through music variety shows is no longer, and the available resources seem to be exhausted.

  There is no new work without fresh power. Even if the form of music variety shows changes, it is still difficult to attract the audience.