[Explanation] Today, Jia Lijuan's father still complains about this stubborn daughter from time to time.

Eleven years ago, Jia Lijuan, who had become a public security policeman in Beijing, resigned for love and went to her husband’s hometown in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, and started her entrepreneurial career.

The project she started is a weight loss training camp.

Recently, the reporter came to Jia Lijuan's training camp and met the slimming goddess.

  [Explanation] Jia Lijuan's hometown is in Shandong. After graduating from the People's Public Security University of China, she was admitted to the Beijing Municipal Public Security System and became an honorable people's policeman.

However, unexpectedly, after only one year of work, Jia Lijuan chose to resign, and his husband, who was still her boyfriend at the time, came to Shenyang, Liaoning Province to start a business.

  [Concurrent] Jia Lijuan, person in charge of a weight loss center

  The first one must be because of love, which looks like this at that age.

The second thing is that I still like this thing, because including the police academy, the police and sports family, right, including myself, in terms of physical fitness, I still have this talent.

So because I like it too.

  [Explanation] At first, the weight loss training camp was only a profitable project that Jia Lijuan and her husband identified together. Although it was difficult, the purpose was purely to make money.

As more and more students understand each other, helping people lose weight is no longer a mere business. Jia Lijuan not only gains money from it, but also gains friendship and a sense of accomplishment.

  [Concurrent] Jia Lijuan, person in charge of a weight loss center

  In eleven years, the first is that my husband did not disappoint me. I was able to tie him with him, that is, our marriage is very happy. The second is that I think it helped a lot of people and solved the problem of obesity.

Just like a student gave us a picture of "benevolence and benevolence."

In a sense, in fact, we lose weight like a doctor treating a disease, but there are many diseases that cannot be cured by going to the hospital, right.

The doctor’s advice is that you are going to lose weight and you are going to exercise. When you come to our institution, we can give him full guidance and supervision, and maybe his disease will be cured.

  [Commentary] Jia Lijuan said frankly that not all the students who come can achieve the goal, and she will become a psychiatrist every time.

Persuading the trainees painstakingly.

  [Concurrent] Jia Lijuan, person in charge of a weight loss center

  If you don't lose weight, don't start, just keep the status quo, or if you start, don't give up.

I have told many people that losing weight is actually a process of persistence. As long as you can persist, you will definitely succeed.

  [Explanation] It is understood that weight loss training camps are very popular at present, but there are also many problems.

Jia Lijuan told reporters that losing weight is a process that varies from person to person.

There are several key points that must be paid attention to. First, weight loss must be gradual. Extremely fast weight loss often causes huge physical damage. Second, everyone’s weight loss courses are different, not a set of courses to travel the world; Finally, weight loss needs Ensure a regular life first, and avoid bad habits such as staying up late and dieting.

Only by combining their own characteristics and scientifically and safely losing weight can the dieter reap a healthy life.

  Reporter Yu Ruizhai from Shenyang

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]