To prevent and control the epidemic, press the "pause button" in life, and Lanzhou has become a "quiet" city

  "Brother Express" delivers "world fireworks"

  Our reporter Kang Jin

  At around 7:30 on October 28, Lanzhou City was still in the dark.

Wang Guoqiang came to the Lanting Fudi Express business office in Chengguan District, Lanzhou early. After showing the health code, body temperature registration, express mail disinfection, sorting and loading, he went on the road with the faint morning light.

  Thus began a busy and stressful day in the epidemic.

  On the same day, Lanzhou launched the fourth round of nucleic acid testing starting on October 20.

Starting on the 26th, the city’s various residential communities have closed management, implemented the strictest community management and control, implemented home office, online teaching, and store closures. The mobility of personnel and the city’s activity have been reduced to the "freezing point" and "home staying". "Not going out" has become the most common state of life.

  In the past few days, this usually noisy and busy northwest city has become a "quiet" city.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, fireworks continued. When the soy milk fritters in the store downstairs, the chai, rice, oil and salt in the supermarket next door, and Ba Jiu Yanhuan in the streets and alleys were pressed the "pause button", at this time the "courier brother" still shuttled through the streets and alleys. Sent "worldly smoke and flames" to soothe the hearts of the mortals of the "house family".

  Delivery without contact, express delivery "with temperature"

  "Now, although there are fewer cars and people on the road and running faster, it is more difficult to deliver without contact." Wang Guoqiang, 50 this year, is a courier from Lanzhou SF Express Co., Ltd.

  On the 24th, in order to effectively block the spread of the epidemic and ensure the smooth flow of daily necessities, Lanzhou required all communities to designate express delivery and takeaway distribution areas and receive them without contact.

  In order to ensure timely delivery of express delivery, Wang Guoqiang thought of two ways. One was to find a "vacant seat" in a nearby express cabinet.

Second, in order to avoid the centralized distribution of several express companies, he changed the previous work line and adopted the "reverse time" and "shift peak" approach.

The new working method has also increased my workload, and the number of telephone communication with customers is much more than usual.

  Unloading, picking, and delivering goods. During the epidemic, Wang Guoqiang drove a tricycle every day, working overtime to deliver more than 100 orders.

As the snack bars along the street were closed, and many beef noodle restaurants could not provide dine-in food, he had to squat on the side of the road to eat a bowl of noodles, or eat a few bites of flatbread with him on the side of the road.

  "During the epidemic, every single express may be a much-needed daily necessities. Sometimes, when I see citizens taking the goods from the express cabinet from a distance, I feel that my heart is also at ease." Wang Guoqiang's simple words are like a warm current.

  The community is closed, striving to be volunteers

  "Our community is closed!" At 1 a.m. on October 23, Han Shejun, the head of the business office of SF's Donghu community, was awakened by a colleague's phone call.

  That night, according to the decision of the Office of the Leading Group for Joint Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in Gansu Province, starting at 9 o'clock on October 24, the Donghu Community in Chengguan District, Lanzhou City was adjusted to a medium-risk area.

  "The residents are isolated at home. The distribution of materials in the community is a problem. Nine of us can deliver them to the household." Early the next morning, Han Shejun and his colleague Dou Xikang approached the community staff and expressed their desire to become volunteers.

  After receiving the nucleic acid test, the 9 "courier brothers" put on protective clothing and shuttled between more than 30 buildings every day, sending thousands of daily necessities and light meals to residents in isolation at home.

  "We will disinfect the business points every day, and we are also a safety line of defense against the epidemic." Dou Xikang said.

  There is the perseverance of the closed community, but also the responsibility of working day and night.

  On October 24, the Lanzhou Chengguan District Bureau of Commerce received 2,000 kilograms of love vegetables donated by enterprises, which needed to be transported from Minqin County of Wuwei to Lanzhou.

After receiving the notice, Lanzhou SF Express dispatched vehicles and drivers urgently, loaded them in Minqin at 18:00 on the same day, departed at 21:00 on the 25th, and transported them to the designated location in downtown Lanzhou at 8:00 on the 25th.

Eight couriers dispatched nearby arrived after hearing the news and assisted in unloading and delivery.

  Transformed into a logistic supporter, demonstrating professional value

  During the epidemic, the "courier brothers" were active in the streets and alleys of downtown Lanzhou, transforming into logistic supporters and food porters for thousands of households, helping citizens fight the epidemic at home with peace of mind.

  "In order for everyone to go out less, China Post is taking action." "Various vegetables, buy online, place orders on mobile phones, and get home free shipping." "3 catties of potatoes, 2 catties of carrots, 2 catties of tomatoes, 2 catties of eggplant..." Dai Yanling is A courier from the Gengjiazhuang Investment Department of Lanzhou Post Chengguan District Company delivered books and newspapers during the epidemic, and “transformed” into a vegetable delivery staff during the epidemic.

In Chengguan District, there are 360 ​​tricycles, 160 two-wheelers and 520 couriers every day to deliver daily necessities into the community.

  Dai Yanling renews in the circle of friends over and over again every day, "We contacted vegetable wholesale centers to deliver vegetables to the gated community and surrounding residents and provide fresh fruits and vegetables to help fight the epidemic at an early victory."

  According to reports, the Lanzhou Postal Administration is in accordance with the requirements of the Lanzhou Industrial Worker Team Construction Reform and Promotion Year in 2021, and solidly carry out key tasks in the city's express delivery industry, such as ideological guidance, meritorious service, quality improvement, status improvement, and team growth.

In September of this year, the Municipal Postal Administration also organized the 2021 Gansu Express Industry Workers Vocational Skills Competition and Lanzhou Division Trials in conjunction with the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other departments. More than 40 companies from 10 express companies including the city’s post and SF Express Players participated in the competition.

  "Express delivery is closely related to every family. During the epidemic, the value and role of couriers as industrial workers in the new era have been demonstrated." said the relevant person in charge of the Lanzhou Post Administration Bureau.