The most terrible devastation, as you know, happens in the minds.

Thanks to the Bulgakov hero Professor Philip Filippovich Preobrazhensky for this very accurate observation.

It is also a pity that he "did not live" to this day, did not find the era when the most modern Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles of Turkish production suddenly began to appear in the sky over the Donbass.

After all, the thesis about ruin in their heads also applies to them in the most direct way.

Not being a specialist in the field of military aviation, I cannot say anything about the state of the "electronic brains" of drones made in Turkey.

I fully admit that there is no devastation there.

But that's where it really is - in the brains of serious uncles from the Kiev corridors of power, who gave the order for their combat use in Donbass.

To begin with, a quote from last year's official press release of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe: “Kiev. “July 23, 2020. The Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office in Ukraine and in the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG), Ambassador Heidi Grau, after regular meetings of the TCG and its working groups in the format of videoconferences, made the following statement: Luhansk oblasts of Ukraine reached agreement on additional measures to strengthen the ceasefire, the purpose of which is to ensure compliance with a comprehensive, sustainable and indefinite ceasefire. “Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime: a ban on offensive and reconnaissance and sabotage actions,as well as a ban on the use of any type of aircraft of the parties. "

Further in this document, several more measures are listed, which the official Kiev promised to strictly implement. But I will not torture you further with this sample of official OSCE prose. But we are not done with official prose yet. Enjoy (if, of course, you can, which I strongly doubt) the following statement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: "Today, October 26, 2021, by order of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Valery Zaluzhny, the Bayraktar reconnaissance and strike unmanned complex was used for the first time." ... Nice, isn't it? First, Ukraine solemnly undertakes not to use “any types of aircraft” in Donbass. And then, with even greater solemnity, she informs the whole world that one of the types of "flying machines" has been used.

Usually violators of legislation (no matter whether domestic or international) try to escape from the scene of the crime as soon as possible and declare that they have absolutely nothing to do with it. Like, what are you! Look into our honest eyes. Are we capable of such a thing ?! No, this is not us! It's them! But the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is not like that - or, to be more precise, not quite like that. Further, in the text of the statement of the Kiev military department, you can still find traces of an attempt to justify itself. Like: we didn't want to, but we were provoked, and we were forced! However, all this does not pull even a full-fledged "fig leaf".

It is clear to everyone what really happened: the Ukrainian military wanted to play with the new "toy" they received from Turkey. And when this desire of theirs was satisfied, they had a new one - to tell the whole world about this "feat" of theirs.

Well, let's play. They told me. We were glad. Improved their self-esteem. But the question is: what's next? In the opinion of the Ukrainian leaders, the next step will be about the same, but only on a larger scale. They will play and everyone else will be scared. Or will they not? Those who in Kiev want to scare the most are definitely not going to be scared. Refining one quote for this text, I accidentally opened a page on the Internet that collected old Soviet nursery rhymes with black (and in fact, not at all childish) humor. Let me cite a couple of the most innocuous of these, if I may say so, “works”: “The boy bravely walked around the construction site, he pressed different buttons. The well-oiled press worked well - a warm pancake fell under the canopy ”; “Children at the construction site were playing Indians, they were shooting at the crane operator with a slingshot.The stove fell on the stove with a thunder: no one else will find Winneta! "

Do you think that I have deviated somewhat from the topic?

I strongly disagree.

Let the above "verses" give a bad taste.

But on the other hand, they very accurately convey the essence of the "games" that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now engaged in.

If the construction site is a zone of increased danger, then this applies all the more to an area of ​​armed conflict.

There is no need to “play” here - shoot with a slingshot at the crane operator or press different buttons on unfamiliar mechanical devices for fun or courage.

Playing this way is very easy to play.

I wonder if the big Kiev bosses understand this?

I really hope for it.

But, unfortunately, I am not firmly convinced that this is the case.

When it comes to people without a king (or without a pilot) in their heads, anything is possible.

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