About a week ago, a fatal shooting incident occurred on the set of the movie


The news about the accident in which actor Alec Baldwin was involved follows each other in rapid succession. NU.nl lists all the biggest developments.

Camerawoman Halyna Hutchins was shot dead last Thursday by actor Alec Baldwin, who had to point the gun at the camera during a rehearsal for a scene.

Baldwin has stated that he was not aware of the fact that there was a bullet in the weapon. Insiders confirm this story and say that the recording director on set called it a 'cold' weapon, slang for a weapon without ammunition. Director Joel Souza suffered a shoulder injury and is currently recovering at home. There are no CCTV footage of the fatal shooting incident.

Gunsmith Hannah Gutierrez-Reed said in her interrogation that he had "taken all necessary steps" to ensure safety around the weapon


She said that she had checked the contents of the revolver and spoke of dummies (fake bullets).

According to the gunsmith, there were no real bullets present on the set.

After the check, the weapon was put in a safe, which only a few people had access to.

When rehearsal for the scene in question began, Gutierrez-Reed handed the weapon over to recording director Dave Halls, who said he hadn't checked it properly.

He saw three dummy bullets, but not the others.

After the fatal accident, Halls checked the weapon again and saw four dummy bullets and a remnant of a real bullet.

An investigation has been opened into the circumstances of the incident, initially looking at gunsmith Gutierrez-Reed and recording director Halls.

Gutierrez-Reed, 24, is on set in charge of preparing the weapons used in filming.

It is her job to deliver the weapons in the right way.

The weapon used by Baldwin, in addition to blanks, mistakenly contained one real bullet.

Recording director Halls has taken the weapon from her and handed it over to Baldwin.

He stated that it was an unloaded pistol.


Sheriff: 'More bullets found on Rust film set'

Sinds het fatale incident komen opmerkelijke verhalen naar buiten over zowel Gutierrez-Reed als Halls. Zo zou de wapensmid eerder dit jaar op een filmset een wapen hebben overhandigd aan een elfjarige actrice zonder het wapen goed te checken, meldt een bron aan The Daily Beast. Meerdere crewleden die eerder op een set stonden met Halls zeggen dat hij niet altijd even secuur omging met veiligheidsprotocollen. Hij werd in 2019 ontslagen van de filmset van Freedom's Path nadat er een ongeluk met een pistool had plaatsgevonden.

Unlike the actors, the camera equipment was shielded during shooting scenes on the set of


, Ian A. Hudson says in an interview with



The American actor had a role in the film and also starred in a scene that involved shooting. "I felt the blanks (cartridges without bullets, ed.) flying past my face and body." He adds that it was irresponsible for people to be behind the cameras.

According to the prosecutor, the weapon on the set was "lifelike and not a prop"


About five hundred bullets were also found, including 'real' bullets.

The bullet that fired the fatal shot has also been recovered.

All of these materials, some 600 pieces of evidence, are currently under investigation by the FBI.

There were about 90 people on set at the time of the incident.

They are all being interrogated.

"There are facts and rumours, and our job is to determine what is fact and what is rumor," said the police sheriff, who suspects the accident was caused by "negligence."

It is currently too early to say anything about a possible prosecution in the case.

This is only possible once the investigation has been completed.

Who was involved in the shooting incident on the set of Rust?

  • Alec Baldwin - lead actor and producer

  • Halyna Hutchins - camerawoman who died after the incident

  • Joel Souza - director who was injured but is now recovering at home

  • Dave Halls - director of the film, directs the set.

    He had already been fired in the past for a shooting incident on a film set

  • Hannah Gutierrez-Reed - movie gunsmith who manages the (fake) weapons on the set.

    For example, she is responsible for 'cooling' a weapon and ensures that there are no bullets in it.

    She and Halls are said to have been the last to have had their hands on the weapon that was fired.