Always less cotton swabs in the nose.

The Ministry of Health ensures that the number of Covid-19 screening tests continues to drop in recent days "as a consequence of the end of the free" PCR and antigen tests said to be "comfort".

According to figures released Thursday by the government, 2.3 million tests were carried out last week, against 2.97 million the previous week.

That is to say "a reduction of 675,200 tests, centered on the 16-65 year olds", concludes the Drees.

According to this statistical service of the ministry, 460,000 fewer tests were carried out on Thursday, October 21 than on Thursday, 14 when "the anticipation of the end of free access was important".

Since October 15, tests are no longer reimbursed for people who are not fully vaccinated, with exceptions (medical prescription, contact case, recent positive test, contraindication to the vaccine).


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