The topic "The life of Lu Xun's grandson who can't escape Lu Xun" became popular on the Internet. A reporter from the Beijing News interviewed Lu Xun's eldest sun Zhou Lingfei

  "I have been confused and entangled and still go in the direction I want"

  Recently, Lu Xun’s eldest grandson, Zhou Lingfei, has been on a hot search. In the Weibo topic #不住鲁迅的鲁迅孙子的一生#, Zhou Lingfei’s various experiences as a descendant of Lu Xun are collected: he was called "Lu Xun's grandson" by his classmates, and he was taken as a soldier. It is required to study medicine, write communication that I am not good at, and learn to smoke...The reading volume of this topic reached 340 million, which caused 51,000 discussions.

  Zhou Lingfei currently has multiple identities, including the chairman and secretary-general of the Lu Xun Cultural Foundation, the dean of Lu Xun and the Institute of World Cultures of Beijing Language and Culture University, and the visiting professor of Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts.

  Regarding the hot search, Zhou Lingfei said "quite unexpectedly", "I didn't expect this topic to cause such a big concern." He mentioned that everyone has unspeakable concealment and will encounter difficulties and unsatisfactory in life.

"I have been confused, tangled, and evaded, but in the process of struggling, I walked step by step in the direction I wanted."

  Talk about hot search

  It’s not easy to be the offspring of a celebrity, just tell the truth about the situation at the time

  Beijing News: How do you think you are on the hot search?

  Zhou Lingfei: This was an accident. I didn't have the thought of preparation, nor did I have the idea and ability to operate in this way.

  This year is the 140th anniversary of Lu Xun’s birth and the 85th anniversary of his death. When a reporter came to interview me, they talked about everyone’s views on me when I was young. I talked about these personal experiences in passing.

  I just want to say that it is not easy to be the offspring of a celebrity. Everyone has unspeakable concealment and will encounter difficulties and unsatisfactory in life.

I just told the truth about the situation at that time, so that everyone should not think that the descendants of celebrities will live a good life.

  I hope that everyone will treat this matter with peace of mind and refrain from hype.

Everyone should think about whether they are also confused in the path of life, and whether these confusions hinder your development.

I want to say that I have not been hindered, I am still struggling, removing all kinds of difficulties, and moving step by step in the direction I want.

I also admit that there has been confusion, entanglement and avoidance.

  Beijing News: Why do you think this topic is so interesting?

  Zhou Lingfei: I think, on the one hand, the name Lu Xun is familiar to everyone, and his serious image is deeply ingrained.

Now that there is such a relaxed topic with Lu Xun, everyone is happy to talk about Lu Xun in this way, and get to know his family and descendants.

What is related to Lu Xun is a topic that everyone cares about.

  From a very ordinary point of view, it may be that everyone thinks this matter is very new.

  Talk about influence

  The most important thing in Lu Xun's spirit is the spirit of "Liren"

  The Beijing News: "Lu Xun said" and "Do we need Lu Xun today" on the Internet continue to refresh the screen.

What does Lu Xun mean to contemporary young people?

  Zhou Lingfei: Saying that we need Lu Xun in this era is like saying that people need to eat or not. Naturally, they want to eat when they are hungry. That is what the body tells you.

Everyone may need Lu Xun, but the points of need may be different. You should still find something suitable for you to learn and absorb.

  Children now have their own pursuits, so let them pursue them.

To show young people more, see Lu Xun, see Tolstoy and Hugo.

Classic literary works, science and technology, etc., must be fully exposed to all aspects, contacting people and things you love.

In the extensive contact, reading, and thinking, to find their own interests and career direction, to find the ability of self-discrimination, independent thinking and rational criticism, young people need a process of growth and gradual improvement.

  Nowadays, many students do not want to go to society after they have studied for undergraduates and masters, but want to study for doctors and post-doctors.

I think they may be accustomed to the school environment and afraid of entering an unfamiliar social environment.

So I encourage some people to work for two years before studying for a Ph.D. to see what society is like and whether what they want to learn is a career that they really love and want to work for for a lifetime.

If you don’t know anything, just stay for the sake of staying, and study for the sake of reading, what's the point of this?

  Beijing News: Do you think most people's interpretation of Lu Xun's spirit is entertaining?

What is the most important thing about Lu Xun's spirit?

  Zhou Lingfei: There are individual cases of entertainment interpretation, but I think most people respect Lu Xun.

There is a saying on the Internet that young people are willing to embrace Lu Xun. Through the hot search, I think it can be said that Lu Xun is still very influential today.

  In my opinion, the most important thing in Lu Xun's spirit is the spirit of "building up a man".

He also has a lot of words about "Liren", such as "The first is Liren" and "Respect the spirit of individuality."

  Why is Liren important?

Because the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the realization of the Chinese dream are based on people.

Everyone is strong, and the country will be strong.

Young people look for their own advantages, values, and the way forward. These are all "building up people."

  If you want to extract some words from Lu Xun's spirit to modern society, I think it is four sentences: building people first, independent thinking, "used doctrine", and "tenacity" perseverance.

  Talk about communication

  A few years ago, I encouraged to make emoticons to let Lu Xun's spirit approach young people

  Beijing News: Some young people like Lu Xun's sharp language and make his words into emoticons.

What do you think of this kind of situation?

  Zhou Lingfei: This is their perception of Lu Xun's spirit at this age.

Everyone has several stages of growth, and they pursue different things.

These young people may all be students at school. After entering the society, he can understand, it may be different soon, and what he wants is different.

  I encouraged to make emoticons a few years ago, hoping to bring Lu Xun's spirit closer to young people in this way.

In the past 20 years, what I have done is the dissemination and popularization of Lu Xun. I think that Lu Xun is very serious, academic, and advanced, and it is not easy to approach young people. It is necessary to use young people's methods and language while grasping an appropriate degree.

  Someone interviewed me in the past and asked if "Lu Xun said" was it okay, and the expression was inappropriate. I thought that as long as it wasn't excessive, this was also a way to spread Lu Xun, and there was no need to be so serious.

  But there are also people who are more exaggerated.

In the past few days, someone invented Lu Xun’s own diary to record his own visits to the kiln. This is rumors and slander.

There must be a minimum of respect, and everyone can't be too disapproving, and can't allow it to create a bad climate.

  Beijing News: You mentioned "three-dimensional reading" before. How do you think Lu Xun's spirit should be promoted?

How do you do it?

  Zhou Lingfei: Now that we read classic literary works, we are not in the environment at that time. It is more difficult to understand.

Some people say that Lu Xun's works cannot be read because the things and people in the book didn't happen around him, and they couldn't resonate.

  Times are different. In the past, it was flat reading without TV or radio. Everyone got knowledge from books.

Now that there are pictures, videos and even immersive experiences, flat reading has become three-dimensional reading, which is the most accustomed and convenient way for modern young people to read.

We must also use three-dimensional reading to let the classics get close to young people, otherwise they won't read it.

  Lu Xun's spirit must also try to restore the scene at that time to understand it. If you can tell you the environmental information of that era, show you all the images, sounds, etc., so that everyone can use the five senses, it will be easier to understand.

  I have been planning, executing, and disseminating for nearly 50 years, a bit like a producer.

In recent years, speaking, writing articles, planning symphonies, movies, publishing books, forums, seminars, doing cultural creations, hand-runners, planning Lu Xun-themed running, etc., are all ways to promote Lu Xun's spirit.

I led a graduate student at the Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts to animate Lu Xun’s works with the goal of making Lu Xun’s works more accessible to young people.

  Beijing News reporter Wang Jingxi