China News Service, Harbin, October 28 (Reporter Wang Lin and Liu Xiju) On the 28th, the Harbin City Headquarters for Response to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic issued an announcement, advocating that the general public should not leave Kazakhstan or leave the province unless necessary, and strictly control large-scale meetings , Activities, forums, training and other gathering activities.

  Recently, a local epidemic occurred in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province, which overlaps with the spread of epidemics in many places in China, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is very serious and complicated.

Harbin City issued an announcement in response to the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, advocating that the general public should not leave Harbin or the province unless necessary. If public officials really need to leave Harbin for public affairs, they must strictly follow the examination and approval procedures. Whoever sends it is responsible. Negative nucleic acid test within hours is required. After returning to Kazakhstan, another nucleic acid test must be performed. Only those with negative results can return to work.

  The city requires strict control of large-scale conferences, events, forums, trainings and other gathering activities. Those that can be held online should be held online as much as possible. In principle, the scale of offline holdings must not exceed 100 people and the approval procedures must be strictly followed.

Among them, those with a scale of 50 (inclusive) to 100 are reported to the district/county (city) headquarters for examination and approval, and those with a scale of more than 100 (inclusive) are reported to the city headquarters for examination and approval.

At the same time, in accordance with the principle of "whoever approves and who is responsible for hosting", strictly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures.

  The city advocates keeping funerals simple and happy events slow, and strictly controlling the scale of group meals.

During the outbreak of the local epidemic in Heilongjiang Province, all catering service units are not allowed to undertake weddings, funerals, birthday banquets, birthday banquets and other group meals with a single scale of more than 100 people.

Any catering service unit that accepts group meals for more than 30 people (inclusive) must report to the street (township) where it is located 3 days in advance, and arrange for a special person to check the health code. Those who cannot scan the code must register with their real names to ensure that they are not missed. one person.