In Velleron (Vaucluse), a small village of 3,000 inhabitants, a real estate project provides for the construction of 200 housing units in the Grande Bastide district.

But this one is neither to the taste of the elected officials, nor of the inhabitants mobilized since September.

Fabien Marsaud, alias Grand Corps Malade, has just joined the protest, reports France Bleu Vaucluse.

Towards the creation of a ZAD?

“I'm not doing this for myself but this fight is noble,” he explained. Grand Corps Malade has been living in the village for three years. He considers that the real estate project is "madness" and that it seems "disproportionate". Mayor Philippe Armengol appreciates the intervention of the singer who ensures “greater media coverage” for the mobilization. This Tuesday, several residents tried to block access to the site. 

According to an activist, the protest movement could go up a notch with a permanent occupation of the land next to the site.

The local radio even mentions the possible creation of a zone to defend (ZAD).

For his part, Guilhem Portales, the president of the company in charge of the development, explains that he will complete the project, the building permits and the environmental studies having been legally validated.


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