After the storm in Sicily, rescue workers recovered the body of a missing woman.

Three people were killed in the devastating rainfall on the southern Italian island in the past few days.

According to the assessment of the rescue workers, the woman - like her husband - got out of the car and was hit by the masses of water.

Her body was discovered about five kilometers from the car, as the police in Catania announced on Thursday at the foot of the Etna volcano.

Her husband had previously been found dead about two kilometers away.

Another man died in Catania on Tuesday because he was also found to be getting out of the car and then being pushed under the car by the water.

The violent storms have been causing floods and damage in eastern Sicily for days.

The regional government declared a state of emergency on Wednesday.

And another bad weather front is expected on the popular holiday island. A so-called Medicane could still reach the region on Thursday evening or Friday morning, as reported by several Italian media. A Medicane is a cyclone in the Mediterranean (English: Mediterranean Hurricane). The civil protection authority also predicted strong thunderstorms on the Sicilian east coast.

The big city of Catania in particular was affected by the severe storms of the past few days.

There the floods had carried cars away and left streets full of mud and objects washed away.

As a consequence, Mayor Salvo Pogliese ordered schools, offices and shops that do not offer essential services to be closed on Thursday and Friday.

"The predictions are worrying," said the politician in a video on Facebook.

He urged people to only leave their homes for necessary errands.