How does the dark web work?

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Europol, the European Police Office, in The Hague, June 8, 2021. Jerry Lampen ANP / AFP / Archives

By: Clémentine Pawlotsky

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Nearly 150 people were arrested this week across the world in one of the largest operations ever against the dark web.

These people were buying or selling drugs and weapons there.

According to the European Police Agency Europol, several million euros, drugs and weapons were seized during this operation entitled "DarkHunTOR".


It was carried out jointly in Australia, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland as well as in the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

This operation follows the dismantling in January, under the leadership of the German police, of the “DarkMarket” platform, then presented by investigators as the biggest selling point of the cyber-black market.

How does the dark web work? 

Decryption with:

- Nicolas Arpagian

, director of cybersecurity strategy

Trend Micro

, specialist in digital risk analysis, author of

La cybersecurity

(Presses Universitaires de France)     

-vRayna Stamboliyska

, cybersecurity expert and author of 

La face cachée d'Internet




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