• Two large deer were killed by hunters in October in a forest in the Oise.

  • These animals, around ten years old, were among the oldest in this territory.

  • A hunt for the trophy that many voices denounce.

"The last wonder of the Laigue forest has just fallen under the bullets of the hunters". It is in these disillusioned terms that the CACC, a collective campaigning for the abolition of hunting with hounds, announced on Tuesday the death of the great deer nicknamed "the Spider". If the animal was legally slaughtered last October 16, in a forest in the Oise, many voices denounce an act deemed morally questionable.

In fact, these are two large deer, among the oldest, which "were killed by hunters in October 2021", recalls the 30 Million Friends Foundation.

The first, called "l'Equerre", and the second, nicknamed "the Spider", had their habits in the vast park of the castle of Francport, in the forest of Laigue, near Compiègne, in the Oise.

For the foundation, these acts are all the more unacceptable “morally” as it is not a question of “withdrawals supposed to regulate the species” but of “hunting table”.

"The destruction of beauty and life cannot be a game"

Regarding the second, a wildlife photographer confided to the CACC that "it had been twenty years since we had seen such a deer".

And for good reason, the two deer, aged about ten, were undoubtedly the oldest in the whole forest.

"To cut down the big deer, the veterans of the forest, in full period of the slab, what savagery", was indignant Laurence Rossignol, senator of the Oise.

“The destruction of beauty and of life cannot be a game, a hobby, a pleasure in a society that we want to be civilized, respectful of the living!

», Reacted Yannick Jadot, environmental candidate in the presidential election.

Even on the hunters' side, we feel embarrassed about the armor.

To our colleagues from France 3, the president of the federation of hunters of the Oise, Guy Harlé d'Ophove, deplores that "these hunters did not respect the philosophy of the federation" by killing two large deer instead of n 'in "taking" only one.

If he recognizes that the process was legal, he nevertheless promises a sanction in the form of a reduction in the hunting plan of the hunters involved.


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