The Dutch court had a chance to demonstrate to the world what real European justice is - impartial, fair, taking into account all the nuances of the case and, of course, far from politics. But no, the Netherlands did not take advantage of this chance. In Europe, it seems, have long forgotten about the true purpose of law. The decision to transfer the Crimean Scythian gold to Ukraine is a clear confirmation that politics and momentary interests are now in the first place for Europeans. And justice is forgotten and perverted.

There is one caveat, though. As you know, neither the European Union nor the United States recognize the Crimean referendum and continue to legally consider Crimea a part of Ukraine. And if we proceed from this concept, then there should have been no questions at all about the return of Scythian gold to the Crimean museums. Where they got it from, they returned it there, everything is simple. The very fact of the long trial and the decision to transfer the treasures to Kiev is the actual recognition by the Dutch court of the indisputable fact that Crimea is not Ukraine.

However, we know very well without them that Crimea is Russia and it will always be so. Therefore, there is nothing positive for us in this unjust verdict. In fact, the decision of Judge Paulina Hofmeyer-Rütten is the legalization of the raider takeover. Ukraine again received what does not belong to it, and without making any special efforts to this. Just as, after the formation of the Soviet Union, she received more and more territories thanks to the decision of the communist leaders, and after gaining independence she cursed the very leaders who gave her lands. The Netherlands, by the way, makes sense to remember this.

As in all other international precedents concerning Ukraine, it should be understood that Kiev in this case is not a subject, but an object of politics.

It is completely pointless to discuss anything with the administration of this territory due to its complete and absolute dependence.

But for the Netherlands, it makes sense to answer, and answer harshly.

Amsterdam, of course, is a member of the European Union and is not entirely independent in making decisions.

Still, the Netherlands is much more independent than Ukraine.

To begin with, you should stop any cooperation with this country in the cultural sphere. If there are any exhibits from Dutch museums on our territory now, they should be immediately arrested. Nothing personal, just an adequate and reasonable response to the expropriation of values ​​belonging to the Russian region. And of course, never and under no circumstances should our museums send anything to the Netherlands. If they want to admire our treasures, let them come to us.

In addition, Russia should, at the level of the UN and other international organizations, actively support Greece, Egypt, as well as African and Asian countries, which demand the return of their national treasures from the collections of European museums.

And the British too - even if London left the European Union, the British stole more cultural property around the world than all other Europeans put together.

If you want justice, there will be justice for you!

There is no doubt that the land of Crimea is fraught with many more historical treasures - not only gold, but also ceramics, statues, weapons and other archaeological values.

So, I am sure that Crimean museums will be able to compensate for the losses very soon.

And the theft of Scythian gold is a shame for the Netherlands, and Russia is quite capable of making this country more than once or twice regretted its unjust decision.

Considering that there are no prospects for improving the economic situation in Ukraine in the foreseeable future, I would not be surprised if exhibits from the Crimean collection begin to surface in private collections in the very next few years.

And here, again, the task for representatives of our Ministry of Culture and diplomats is to closely monitor the situation and apply to the courts in a timely manner, so that the toxicity of any interaction with Ukraine becomes obvious to everyone.

However, given the suicidal policy of the Ukrainian authorities in all respects, there is little doubt that the current de facto loss of independence will very soon be followed by a legal one.

And then Russia will be able to return the Scythian gold that belongs to us by right, and protect the rights of the Russian people living in Ukraine.

It won't be long to wait.

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