British photographer Chris Pearsal posted on social networks on October 22 a video showing a pipe spilling waste and untreated water in the middle of a natural aquatic reserve.

A scandalous scene that lasts… 49 hours, reports

The Huffington Post

this wednesday


The facts took place in Langstone Harbor, a port located about forty kilometers from Southampton.

And the culprit would be none other than the city's wastewater treatment plant getting rid of its overflow.

A scene unfortunately become common in Great Britain.

A law banning these spills rejected

Indeed, as

The Guardian


 last April, with the increase in precipitation in recent years, UK sewers are regularly overloaded and treatment plants are unable to keep up. Result: they will dump their overflow directly into the sea. Thus, in 2020, 400,000 such spills would have taken place in the Channel.

Ironically, these images, which scandalized England, were published just as the government and the Conservative majority rejected a law banning this type of spill in the open sea. To justify themselves, they would have put forward the necessary work "including under houses and businesses".

Images that were also unwelcome just before the opening, on October 31, of the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland.


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