New project for Omar Sy.

After the success of Lupine on Netflix, the French actor will mark his return to the cinema with

Father & Soldier


The film will tell the story of a father, Bakary, whom he plays, and his 17-year-old son, Thierno.

Part of the plot takes place in Senegal during World War I, when the teenager is drafted into the army against his will and his father enlists to stay with him.

Father & Soldier

will therefore highlight the Senegalese Tirailleurs, who fought for France, a colonizing country, during the war of 14-18 and found themselves in the trenches.

Mathieu Vadepied, who was artistic director on the film


, will direct the feature film.

In addition to being in the casting, Omar Sy will be a producer through his company Korokoro.


Filming has already started in France, says


, and will continue in Senegal. A project that is particularly close to the heart of Omar Sy, because he "comes at a time of (s) a life" where he "feels (t) the need to link the cultures and the histories of two countries which have saw it grow ”. Through

Father & Soldier

, the actor wants to "pay tribute to these men" who served France when they knew it little, if at all, for the most part.

Senegal also participates in the production of the feature film, just like France, which delights the artist born in Trappes, of a Mauritanian mother and a Senegalese father.

The screenplay is co-authored by Mathieu Vadepied and Olivier Demangel.


Father & Soldier

sheds light on never-praised heroes of the Great War while touching on universal themes such as family ties in times of war,” added Alexis Cassanet, Director of International Distribution at Gaumont.

No release date has been announced yet.


Omar Sy thanks the Gotham Awards for his nomination in the Best Performance category

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