A former director who was re-arrested in a case of resignation over the procurement of medical equipment at a hospital attached to Nihon University, gave a lie to his acquaintance's company from the medical corporation side in Osaka, which leaked 200 million yen. I learned from interviews with the people concerned that I was trying to send tens of millions of yen in total.

It seems that the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor's Office is proceeding with the elucidation, assuming that it has actually tried to repatriate part of the funds.

▽ Tadao Inoguchi (64), who was a director of Nihon University, and

Masami Himoto (61), a former director of the major medical corporation "Kinshukai" headquartered in Osaka City, are from

Itabashi Hospital attached to Nihon University School of Medicine. On the 27th, he was re-arrested on suspicion of his back office for leaking 200 million yen from the university to former President Himoto when he procured expensive diagnostic imaging equipment to be used.

According to the people concerned, a total of more than 20 million yen was remitted to the company of an acquaintance of former director Inoguchi in July and August in the name of a lie reward from the medical corporation side. Interviews with related parties revealed that there was a suspicion that the director was planning to send tens of millions of yen in total over multiple times using the same method.

However, remittances have not been made since last month when the Special Investigation Department launched a forced investigation of the former directors and other related parties.

It is believed that the Special Investigation Department is proceeding with the elucidation, assuming that the former director was actually trying to repatriate part of the funds in order to make a profit.

The Special Investigation Department has not disclosed the approval or disapproval of the two, but according to the people concerned, former director Inoguchi has explained that he has not been in charge of his surroundings so far.