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At the age of 15, Myriam Yébenes already knew that she wanted to continue the legacy of her mother,

Maribel Yébenes,

a reference in her sector since almost five decades ago she founded the beauty institute that bears her name. "I had a conversation with her and I started working to do it helping in the business where I could; at that age in summer, picking up the phone, setting up booths ... the idea was to get to know the

family business

from within, being next to my mother".

She was barely a child, so they put a single condition on her: study something that had nothing to do with the business, in case she discovered that the world of aesthetics was not her thing. "In the end, what a mother wants is for you to be happy, whether you follow her path or not," she explains. That is why he studied

Law and Business,

although as soon as he finished his degree he began to work with her.

And he did it like when he was helping when he was 15 years old, "learning all the positions, from the most basic, it was later when I specialized in the aesthetic part to

do a cabin and treatments

", he tells us. "In that my mother directed me very well; it was not just a company that I was going to inherit, to run it as God intended you had to be professional." By then, her institute was beginning to bring advanced laser technology and radio frequency equipment to Spain, and Myriam stepped forward, leading that technology and then training the team.

Years later it was time to '


'; the newest thing was infiltrations, which is why she also studied nursing, "to develop all the techniques, a job that she carried out at the same time as the


, marketing, product and innovation part".

Little by little Myriam was gaining ground, until in 2016 she asked for the


. "I wanted to manage everything myself; I have many projects and I want to do many things. That year I started the expansion plan, the challenge was to go from a family business to a

professional one

." And she has succeeded: five years later her beauty institute has centers in Malaga and Miami, and lastly the details of one more, its next opening, in just five months, of which she avoids giving details. "I can't tell you anything, even though I'm looking forward to it." Right now he has left the day to day in the center and is dedicated to the

strategic and business part.

How has the company changed since you have been in charge? Society has changed and we have had to adapt. Although we maintain the pillars and roots, things are now very different, especially in the part of leadership with the team, which was previously managed in a different way. We really like innovation, it is our essence and that is why we continue to bet. My mother was at the time a pioneer, a visionary. But it is not just a matter of knowing what technology we should bring in at all times, you also have to have your own methods. I always say that technology is like a Ferrari, you can buy it, but not everyone knows how to drive it. And has the concept of beauty changed? Are you looking for very different things now than what you asked your mother? Yes, too.Although in that sense we have always had in our DNA what is carried now, so we have followed the same line. From the beginning my mother opted for a very natural beauty and we were always in love with technology, essential to avoid stiff faces that all look the same. We are also superfans of punctures; in our case we are talking about 70% technology and 30% punctures, but we don't like highly infiltrated faces because in the long term they don't look natural. This is the trend now, but we were doing it 20 years ago. Are social networks influencing this change? Are they a help, a showcase, or rather a drag? Yes, they influence. There are two very pronounced lines, depending on age. At 25 or 30 years old, clients pay attention a lot to famous people, they ask you, for example,a prototype of lips. When they are 45, they want it not to be noticed, to be more beautiful but without knowing that things have been done.

Where does the future go in the sector? Where does the company have to go now to grow? The future is to achieve greater results in less time and that treatments are less annoying. For what in the past you needed 15 sessions, now you have technologies that make four enough, and also before if we wanted to achieve a good result we had to do a lot of damage, the treatments burned, they left scabs ... Now you get the same result without leaving redness or having to stay at home for several days. We must continue to advance there, in the cosmetic part -we have 25 products and another 10 arrive before the end of the year-, in the new openings and in the sustainability part, in respect for the environment both in products and in the materials of the centers.What remains for us to see in the world of luxury aesthetics? Something that was already seen before the pandemic in international congresses: how the machines will be integrated with doctors and professionals. There are already robots that can puncture instead of professionals, in a few years we will experience a revolution in this regard. The pandemic has caused almost 40% of closures in hairdressers and beauty centers. To what extent has it affected your business? Has it suffered or has it been reinforced? We were fortunate to be able to open the first ones after the break, because we had worked a lot on the issue related to the Covid protocols. From there the market has favored us a lot. People have had a very bad time and video calls have affected a lot on an emotional level and now they want to take care of themselves.We have emerged stronger from this crisis. So are they growing? Is the company experiencing its best moment? We have grown in numbers; In the last quarter of summer we had the company's turnover record since its foundation, and that expectations were already very high. Better we haven't been able to do it, we've hired a lot of people, even at the beginning we were overwhelmed because we wanted to be careful ..., every week, every month, everything changed. How has it been working with your mother? Did you take your business meetings to lunch on Sunday? Sure (laughs), we took everything home; In the end, family reunions were a mixture of personal and professional, because when you have your own business, everything is very mixed. I have been lucky to get along very well with her, we are very similar, so it was very easy.I have always carried it with great humility, I understood perfectly that she was a benchmark in aesthetics and that at 25 all I had to do was learn from the best and from the team, something she always told me. He explained to me very clearly that no matter how much career I had, there was a place where I was not a specialist and I had to learn from those who were there. There are professionals who have been with us for 25 years. Then there was an evolution and I was able to teach them other things. And how is your mother living this new expansion policy, this shift towards internationalization? With a bit of nerves; Suddenly your girl wants to make an expansion ... let's see what the girl is going to do ... (laughs). Expectant, but as the numbers are showing everything, well also calmly. What have you learned from her? Everything, especially values.He is a very demanding person, a perfectionist, he has always liked excellence, dealing with the client, pampering, caring ... And also to respect the team, to make pineapple, without that a company cannot function, I have had the great lucky to see her work, they called her fairy hands and seeing her in the cabin was wonderful. In addition to a great vision of the sector, she has always had a lot of human quality, she has been very positive, no matter what was happening at home, she always went to work with the best smile, with a positive attitude. What are the daily beauty routines of the director of one of the best beauty institutes? All and more, in the morning and at night (laughs) ..., I have them integrated since I was little. Double cleansing, toner, serum, creams, neck creams, scrubs, masks ...When you have it so internalized, it takes a little while to do it and you can't live without them. And some confessable cabin treatment? Many, I've been doing things to myself since I was 20 years old, I like to take care of myself. When I was 25 I started with the laser, I did one a year; then you already do two or three and add some radio frequency and body ... I have been using botox since I was 25 years old, in the end you have integrated that care into your day to day ... And I take care of myself less than I would like because I I'd spend the whole day lying on a stretcher (laughs).I have been using botox since I was 25 years old, in the end you have integrated that care into your day to day ... And I take care of myself less than I would like because I would spend all day lying on a stretcher (laughs).I have been using botox since I was 25 years old, in the end you have integrated that care into your day to day ... And I take care of myself less than I would like because I would spend all day lying on a stretcher (laughs).

Myriam Yébenes in a file photo, when she started working with her mother.

What dream do you have left to fulfill? Many too. I have dreams every year that end up being challenges, both professional and personal. One of them is to get the empire of Maribel Yébenes, so that she can see how the legacy she has left me grows.Your beauty centers are places for relaxation and enjoyment, what is that place for you, where you go when not Can you do more? Since I started the expansion I have spent some very stressful years, because I had to get out of my comfort zone, that's why I meditate a lot and I am all the time taking Mindfulness courses and how to manage emotions. In the morning and at night I like to find my place of peace, which is usually like an island in the Maldives, it is what I have in mind to avoid stress and if one day I do not do it, I notice it and I have to reconnect .Another refuge is the family and my lifelong friends, I have kept them since school, being with them is very important to me. And that restaurant in Madrid where you feel at home, you always come back to? Two, El Filandón and El qüenco de Pepa. That's where I usually be. Do you think you look like your mother? Yes, we have a lot of things that are very similar, and then others that are very different. My mother has been a fighter and a hard worker. I remember her working all my life, in fact, two days before the pandemic she was at the center working. When you have a family business in the end you don't have hobbies, what you do is work, work and work. Are beauty and self-esteem linked? Totally. Each one comes with their own complexes, I always say that the purpose of the company is to help people have more confidence and greater self-esteem,that is what will give them happiness. It is not only doing treatments, it is very nice to see how people arrive very low in spirit and as the sessions go by, see them with a different attitude, wanting to put on different clothes and smiling. It is a very nice job.

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