(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Go beef noodles!

Lanzhou Youth Hand-drawn Comics Exhibition "One Bowl of Noodles" Spirit

  Chinanews.com, Lanzhou, October 27th (Shi Jingjing) Beef noodles, heart-warming images of front-line personnel...The epidemic hit, more than a dozen young people in Lanzhou used the form of hand-painted original cartoons to bring hometown characteristics, respect to medical staff, and fight the epidemic The heart-warming events that emerged in the past are integrated into the brush, recording the "anti-epidemic" power and transmitting positive energy.

  In the work created by Ma Yongbin, a ramen master stands next to a bowl of delicious beef noodles, and his hands are skillfully kneading the noodles. The dough changes into countless noodles of uniform thickness in his hands.

The painting reads "One bowl of noodles in a city, and the spirit of beef noodles is constant and unruffled."

The picture shows the hand-painted beef noodles by Lanzhou youth.

Photo by Ma Yongbin

  Talking about the original intention of creation, Ma Yongbin said that beef noodles are known for being flexible and long. It is the city card of Lanzhou. It carries its unique cultural genes and also represents a kind of spiritual power of Lanzhou.

In the face of the epidemic, I hope to encourage everyone with "Beef Noodle Comics" to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.

The picture shows a cartoon based on a touching video during the epidemic.

Photo by Cao Liyan

  "Post-90s" Yin Yulin loves painting.

When the Wuhan epidemic occurred, she happened to be a senior graduate. Today, Lanzhou also affects the hearts of the people across the country.

Yin Yulin saw the hard work of the front-line personnel in the fight against the epidemic and drew a set of vivid anti-epidemic cartoons overnight.

"The paintbrush in my hand pays tribute to the angel in white on the'epidemic' line."

The picture shows the anti-epidemic cartoon drawn by young people in Lanzhou.

Photo by Yin Yulin

  Cao Liyan, who was isolated at home, saw in the video that Lanzhou citizens lined up for a nucleic acid test late at night, and a father kept bending over to make his daughter sleep comfortably.

"Because of the epidemic, let us see love and responsibility more clearly, and hope that the'sick' Lanzhou will get better soon."

she says.

  At present, these a dozen young people are creating a comic version of "Lanzhou Diary", recording every day that Lanzhou people walked together under the epidemic, reproducing those real and warm pictures, and cheering for "beef noodles".