Ewout Genemans and his company No Pictures Please will contact the police in Curaçao after they watched his documentary about the police on the island "with disappointment and disapproval".

A spokesperson for RTL announced this on Wednesday.

In addition to being a presenter, Genemans is also the producer of the RTL program


Genemans made an episode of his program for RTL 5 about "the dark side of Curaçao".

The episode in question was broadcast on Monday evening and contains various images of police actions in the country.

According to the Curaçao police, Genemans had promised to show the documentary to the police for broadcast, but that has not happened.

Genemans would also have made the documentary under false pretenses.

The Curaçao police are currently looking at whether legal action can be taken against the program maker.

Earlier this year there was some commotion in the country when the local press was not allowed to attend a police raid.

At that time, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee said it had hired people to make a documentary about the fight against crime.

Afterwards it turned out to be Genemans and his crew.

This caused a lot of misunderstanding and anger among the Curaçao press.