Following an accident in Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture, where five children were killed or injured, an elementary school in Nagareyama City partially changed its school route, and the children went to school on a new school route with a sidewalk.

In June, a truck crashed into a line of elementary school students leaving school in Yachimata City, and an emergency inspection of the school road was carried out in response to an accident that killed and injured five children. it was done.

Yagikita Elementary School in Nagareyama City changed some of the school routes listed as dangerous places from the 26th, and on the morning of the 27th, children will go through a new school route with a sidewalk while being watched by teachers and parents. I went to school.

This time, the road surface was painted green at the place where children crossed, and a sign saying "Caution for crossing children" was also installed.

Up until now, many cars were used as loopholes during the time of going to and from school, and the width of the road was narrow.

The mother of a 6th grade child said, "I was relieved that the previous school route was changed because I thought it was dangerous because the child and the car would collide with each other."

Vice-principal Yasuhiro Yazaki of Yagikita Elementary School said, "Since the number of children is expected to increase due to the development of the surrounding area, we would like to take measures so that we can safely go to school."