It was found that a total of nearly 3 million yen bills of 10,000 yen were mixed in the garbage of the waste disposal facility in Tsu City.

The police are looking for an owner.

The 10,000-yen note was found at the Tsu City Recycling Center in Katadatanaka-cho, Tsu City.

Before noon on the 27th, when an employee of a consigned contractor was sorting, I found a large amount of 10,000 yen bills mixed in the garbage.

A total of 286 10,000-yen bills were found in pieces, not in bags or containers.

By the 26th, the 10,000-yen bill was found as metal waste such as empty cans and pots that had been brought to the center from collection points around the city, and the center reported it to the Tsu Police Station as a found item.

The police are looking for an owner.