Lil Terselius was born in 1944 and is known from several Swedish TV series such as Somewhere in Sweden (1973), The Three from Haparanda (1974), It was then ... (1989) and The Library Thief (2011).

“Lil was a fantastic actor who has been a part of Dramaten's modern history.

Intelligent, vital, razor-sharp, total tone certainty in text and with an irresistible ability to find humor in the black.

It is with great sadness that we receive the news of Lil's passing.

She will be deeply missed by all colleagues who had the privilege of working with her ", says Mattias Andersson, theater director and artistic director of Dramaten, in a press release.

Lil Terselius trained as an actor during the late 60's and then started working at Dramaten.

She made her debut as Aksina in Leo Tolstoy's Testament in 1970 and has played 92 roles on the national stage.

Gold beetle nominated

She has worked with directors such as Ingmar Bergman and has had roles in works by Agneta Pleijel and Lars Norén.

In 1978, she was nominated for a gold medal for her role as Lydia in The Serious Game from 1978.

Her last role on Dramaten was in Ulla Kassius' production of Svetlana Aleksijevits

The Last Witnesses

, which premiered in 2017 with a new premiere in 2019, Dramaten writes in the press release.

Lil Terselius died in the suites of a brain haemorrhage and was 76 years old.