Franck Santos, the mayor of La Barben, a town in which the Rocher Mistral park is located, has issued a municipal decree closing the sites "of the vegetable patch and the garden called Le Nôtre" to the public.

For this decision, the mayor of the village of 900 inhabitants, located about twenty kilometers from Aix-en-Provence, relies on the unfavorable opinion issued by the departmental security sub-committee on June 23, on the subject of these spaces, which should be considered as installations open to the public, and not as establishments.

In a press release, the Rocher Mistral park states "the relentlessness of the mayor of La Barben" which "also maintains confusion with the regulations on shows".

This decision, which comes in the middle of the All Saints holidays, would jeopardize 80 jobs, says the park administration.

The Rocher Mistral park appears this Tuesday at the judicial court of Aix-en-Provence, cited by France nature environment, for a summary hearing concerning two developments, including the "Vegetable garden" (which is in fact a market), carried out without a permit to build.

"This decree has no connection with this hearing," says Franck Santos.


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