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Updated Tuesday, 26october2021-15: 19

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The European Copernicus satellite system calculates the area destroyed by lava from

the La Palma volcano

at 906.8 hectares


just half a hectare more in a 20-hour interval.

This last measurement was carried out this Tuesday at 12:30 in the Canary Islands, and the number of buildings destroyed remains unchanged, 2,162, and 124 possibly affected.

Nor does the estimate of the damage that the different runoffs have caused on the island's roads change: 66.2 kilometers have disappeared and another 3.4 kilometers have been partially damaged.

The director of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) in the Canary Islands, María José Blanco, already indicated on Monday that the orientation of the new cracks in the main cone through which the lava gushes out is optimal in

that the flows do not continue to widen and increase the material damage already caused


This is the thirty-third map made by the Copernicus system since the beginning of the volcanic eruption at Cumbre Vieja on September 19.

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