In August, police arrested a 56-year-old son on suspicion of murder for dropping his car into a pond in Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture, and drowning his father in the back seat.

The police are investigating the details, assuming that it was for insurance purposes.

It means that he has denied the charges against the investigation.

The person arrested was Kazuhiko Manabe (56), an unemployed person in Okawa-cho, Sanuki City, Kagawa Prefecture.

According to police investigation, in August, the car that was driving in the reservoir of Zotaotoi, Sanuki City was dropped and the father Kazumi (88 at that time) who was in the back seat was drowned in the murder. There is suspicion.

Initially, the police were investigating as a car fall accident, but because it had fallen into a pond on the side of the road through a gap in the guardrail, and there was no evidence of trying to rescue Kazumi in the back seat. , I was proceeding with the investigation, considering that there was a suspicion of the incident.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the driver and passengers of the car were heavily insured, and police said that Manabe was suspected of being drowned for insurance purposes on the 26th. I was arrested in the afternoon.

In the future, I will investigate the details of the incident.

According to the police, he denied the charges, saying, "I didn't dare to drop the car."