Recently, archaeologists in Jilin City, Jilin Province are excavating the Yong'an site on the banks of the Songhua River.

So far, the remains of Tu Fuyu, Goguryeo, Bohai and other periods have been excavated, including patterned bricks, tiles and other building components, pots and basins and other pottery fragments, as well as the remains of two houses and a well.

  Among them, the relics of water wells may be traced back to the Fuyu period. This is the oldest relics of water wells discovered in Jilin City, which is worthy of historical research.

  Fuyu was a minority regime in the northeast region from the 2nd century BC to 494 AD.

According to documentary records, it was a vassal country of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and its administrative division was subordinate to Xuantu County, which was later changed to Liaodong County.

(Reporter Shi Hongyu produced Wang Jiayi)

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]