Manon Fossat 3:00 p.m., October 26, 2021

The annual study, unveiled exclusively by Europe 1 and "Le Parisien" on Tuesday, reveals that the increase in the prices of complementary health insurance pushes some people to reduce their expenses and therefore to be less well supported.

An increase which also leads to a growing disparity between the departments.


Complementary health insurance is becoming more and more expensive, especially for seniors.

And it depends on where they live.

A 16th department - Val-de-Marne - has indeed crossed the threshold of 3,000 euros annually to pay, or 500 euros more than in Morbihan.

And this price increase also has an impact on the population since many French people are prepared to be less well supported to reduce their costs, as evidenced by a study by, revealed Tuesday by Europe 1.

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For his spokesperson, Fabien Soccio, invited Tuesday from

Europe Midi

, these disparities are mainly explained by consumption practices and habits.

"In the city centers, we will have fees overruns, free prices for certain drugs which may be higher than elsewhere, as well as more frequent recourse to care. As a result, we have paid compensation. by complementary health organizations which are not only more regular, but also larger in terms of amounts. And the consequence is the adjustment of contributions and premiums, "he explained.

Impose a cap?

The conclusions of the study therefore raise real questions about access to healthcare. "It costs more and more therefore it is an increasingly substantial budget and which, inevitably, comes to nibble on other expenses", continued Fabien Soccio. From there to impose a ceiling?

What is certain for the expert is that discussions must be initiated on this point.

"We will quickly need to get all together around the table and discuss these elements, whether it is the government, health professionals or complementary health. Because indeed, we already have 1, 6 million French men and women who forgo care. And each year, prices are part of the causes of this renunciation of care ", he asked before ensuring that more and more of them will be concerned .


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However, Fabien Soccio wants to be reassuring about seniors and believes that we can not speak of "business of old age" either.

"Insurers do not necessarily benefit from it. But indeed, the older we get, or the more we use care, the higher the health costs. So we have more and more indemnities paid by complementary health insurance. , and as such, they adjust the tariffs. "

Last week, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, once again called on mutuals not to increase their rates.

And it is now possible for policyholders to change them during the year.