Haiti paralyzed against insecurity and fuel shortage

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A street in the center of Port-au-Prince, generally crowded with people, is deserted on October 24, 2021. Ricardo ARDUENGO AFP / File

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This Tuesday, October 26 again, Port-au-Prince and the big provincial towns are idling.

Shops, schools are closed again, streets deserted.

As yesterday, declared a day of general strike, the country is at a standstill to protest against the seizure of gangs on oil terminals.


For several months, Haitians have had to deal with gasoline shortages.

"The scarcity of petroleum products is one of the causes of this new form of" locked country ", where any movement of people, vehicles, or even goods is no longer possible"

according to our colleague from the



, Gotson Pierre.

The streets are deserted everywhere, on the national territory.

Global activities are paralyzed again on October 26.

Yesterday, in Gonaïves, capital of the Artibonite department where thousands of people marched in the streets to shout their exasperation and their anger against a government with absent subscribers.

Ronel Paul's on-site report.

Jair Bolsonaro suspended from Youtube

He had claimed that covid vaccines could turn people into crocodiles.

Jair Bolsnaro used to rants about the pandemic.

But this time the Brazilian president and it seems he went too far, to the point that Youtube decided to deprive him of his channel for a week.

Last Thursday, during his weekly broadcast live on his Youtube page, which has more than 3.5 million subscribers, the president spoke of a rumor emanating - supposedly - from

"official reports"

from the government. British.

According to this rumor, people who are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus are more likely to develop the AIDS virus.

Information denied and of course totally false.

Dave Halls, an assistant director with a troubled past

Still many questions around the fatal shooting of actor Alec Baldwin on the set of his film Rust which claimed the life of the director of photography.

Officially still no prosecution, but all eyes are now on assistant director Dave Halls and the film's armourer.

It was they who supplied the gun to the actor.

And we learn that this assistant had already been dismissed from a previous film for similar facts.


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