In the spotlight: democratic transition in danger in Sudan after military coup

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Thousands of Sudanese took to the streets of Khartoum to protest against the military coup of October 25, 2021. AP - Ashraf Idris

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A coup that " 

threatens to derail the transition to democracy

 ", headlines the

New York Times

, in an African nation " 

just emerging from decades of autocratic rule and international isolation


Two years ago the Sudanese street had achieved a feat by bringing down Omar al-Bashir after 30 years of military dictatorship

 ", explains

Le Soir

, " 

a wind of hope was blowing over the country, but on Monday the wind has turned

 ", laments the daily in Brussels, which also accuses the putschist general al-Burhan" 

of torpedoing the hopes of a democratic transition

 ", Thus removing the civilian leaders by force.

A way for the military to keep control in Sudan

 ", explains 

El País, 

which goes


the will of the street

 " which is demonstrating massively. " 

Faced with the young generation of activists, the military will find it difficult to persevere in the repression,

 " said a researcher in the Spanish daily, who did not rule out " 

the possibility of an imminent establishment of a system multiparty, but not necessarily a democracy

 ”. " 

This coup d'etat is also a scathing blow against Western countries which have placed immense hopes in Sudan's transition to democracy,

 " the

New York Times said.

which underlines like the American press " 

the suspension by Washington of emergency aid of 700

million dollars

 " in Khartoum.


Crucial financial assistance to help the country emerge from the economic crisis,

 ” insists the



There are few signs, however, that the Sudanese generals are going to give in,

 " comments the

New York Times

for its part


Turkish President renounces expelling Western diplomats

It is the quiet end of a diplomatic crisis which had started surprisingly strong

 ", welcomes the

Süddeutsche Zeitung

which explains that President Erdogan " 

considers having won his standoff with the West

 ", he who had threatened the weekend. last to expel ten ambassadors, including the American, French and German envoys after their call for the release of the opponent Osman Kavala. The Turkish president, however, “ 


 ” on Monday after the ten embassies concerned issued the same press release, “ 

reaffirming their respect for the Vienna Convention which prohibits any interference by ambassadors in the internal affairs of the host country

 ”, reports the Swiss daily



It did not take more for President Erdogan to cry victory, blessed above all, explains the

New York Times

, for the Westerners to have held out " 

this diplomatic pole

 " to him, to get him out of " 

the impasse in which he was. depressed with his threats


This major conflict with its Western allies could have resulted in an economic disaster for Turkey and a lasting rupture with NATO

 ", explains the American daily, for whom " 

the liberation of Kavala will nevertheless continue to be a problem between Westerners and Turkey


Mohammed ben Salman accused of being a "psychopath"

It is to be read in the




back on the interview granted by Saad Al-Jabri to CBS in the United States, in which this former senior Saudi intelligence officer now in exile in Canada accuses Crown Prince MBS " 

of being a psychopath without empathy, who feels no emotion

 ", and reveals that the latter would have notably boasted" 

of being able to assassinate the former ruler of the Kingdom, King Abdallah


Recognized by the American services as the sponsor of the murder of journalist Khashoggi, MBS would also threaten the life of Al-Jabri, adds the



which points out that the Canadian government has reported " 

unacceptable incidents and threats


Sells villa with fresco painted by Caravaggio


It is the only fresco ever produced by Caravaggio

 ", marvels the


, which recounts, like



how the great Italian master of the 17th century thus decorated the ceiling of this Roman villa, the Villa Aurora. , a 3-meter-wide fresco " 

representing the sons of Cronos

: Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, the rulers of the sky, the sea and the underworld

 ". Selling price of this villa and " 

its unique treasure in the world

 ", according to the Italian daily: 500 million euros, the base price of the auction for the sale next January. The Italian state has a right of “ 


 ”, underlines

La Repubblica

, remains to be seen " 

if he will be able to pay such a high price



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