Europe 1 4:46 p.m., October 26, 2021

For men and women, sports coach Jean-Marc Delorme delivers Tuesday on Europe 1 his good advice for building your arms without spending hours, every day, at the gym.

Very affordable exercises for a result that is not only visual but also postural.


The idea is not necessarily to look like Popeye with his oversized arms thanks to the spinach. But for those who wish to tone their upper limbs, Jean-Marc Delorme has tips to achieve this, based on a few simple exercises. First, what the sports coach underlines on Europe 1 is that "the muscles of the arms are made up of several groups" with the biceps, on the front of the arm. "At the back, we have muscle his antagonist, the one who does a little counterweight. We also consider the deltoid, which will be important in the posture, at the level of the shoulder."

The muscles of the arms are not to be neglected because “we already use them every day”, insists Jean-Marc Delorme in

Bienfait pour vous

on Europe 1. “Not as much as the legs, of course. is used for pulling, pushing, lifting, carrying the races, etc. It is still an area of ​​the body that is important, even when you run because you will use it as a pendulum. "

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen "all the muscles that surround the shoulder blades".

Curl for men, circles for women

The sports coach puts forward the idea that the needs are different according to the sexes: "For men, it's nice to have a little toned arms. For women, having toned and thin arms is important. " For men, therefore, "we are going to do all types of


(" roll up ", editor's note), anything that is lifted by the arms with loads. Legs bent, feet shoulder-width apart, we are standing, we have our arms at our sides and with a bar, dumbbells or water bottles, we will bring our fists towards the shoulders rather towards the inside. We will do between 12 and 20 repetitions. We will insist on braking when the fists are going down, ”he describes.

According to him, women must "work more on tonicity" with an exercise to be done "every two days" at home, in the street or elsewhere: "We are standing, we stretch our arms horizontally, we start to do long circles backwards. After, we will change the direction of the rotation, then we will fix horizontally before raising the arms upwards. We go down the hands along the legs, before fixing the hands horizontally and do the same in front and then in extension backwards. You can do 15 repetitions every two days, without weight. There are really results, "he guarantees.