The Guyana administrative court on Monday suspended an order from the prefect banning the opening of bars and restaurants in town, estimating that the situation of the coronavirus epidemic had improved "for four weeks" in the territory.

A summary judge of the administrative court of Guyana suspended this Monday evening in Cayenne two articles of the prefect's decree of braking measures, dated October 22 and entered into force on Saturday, after being seized for the second time in summary - freedom by a union of restaurateurs and bar managers and the union of tourist operators.

Open during the week

The first suspended article prevented N-type establishments (restaurants, drinking establishments) from opening in Guyana in areas classified as orange (urban areas), the suspension of the second, relating to the curfew, aims to allow customers to stay. go to these establishments.

The judge indicated that his order would take effect within 36 hours, thus encouraging the prefect to take a new decree allowing restaurants and bars to open in urban areas in the evening until "10:30 p.m." during the week as well as in the green zone, as well as on Sunday.

An epidemic improvement as a justification

The judge, who considered that the situation of the epidemic had improved "for four weeks" at the time of the order, did not take into account the arguments of the representative of the prefect who put forward during the hearing a vaccination rate remaining insufficient (32.6% of over 12s), as well as an incidence rate which had not yet fallen below 200 new cases per week for 100,000 inhabitants.

This Friday evening, the same summary judge, president of the administrative court, had already granted an interim relief order from the same applicants against the previous weekly decree of the prefect, dating from October 15.

The prefect had however maintained his decree which entered into force on Saturday.

A new request for interim relief was then sent to court on Sunday.

As of October 25, the incidence rate calculated over seven days was down but stood at 217 cases per 100,000 people.


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