Her guardianship is not yet officially over but Britney Spears is already thinking about the next.

If her next marriage to Sam Asghari is on the program, the rest will also take place in court where she intends to drag her family.

"This message is for my family… For hurting me more than they'll ever know!"

I know the guardianship is about to end, but I still want justice done!

I am only 1.62m tall and I must have played the irreproachable grown-up, who has no room for mistakes, all my life… Do you know how hard it is?

She wrote on Instagram.

Humiliations and abandonment

In the background, Britney Spears suggests that her relatives, in whom she trusted, have benefited from her for many years. "Don't you find it strange when you organize trips or plan a lunch with people you love, they'll run away from you or leave after just 10 minutes?" It's humiliating and it's as if every person I opened up to was going on a trip for a fortnight the next minute… Ok, I get it… They are only there for me when it suits them… Well I'm not available for any of them now! I don't mind being alone and in reality I'm tired of being that ever-understanding Mother Theresa… If you're insulting me, finished, ”developed the interpreter of



The singer's family is in any case warned, especially as the new tutor in charge of the star's finances should provide the detailed accounts of the 13 years managed by Jamie Spears to Mathew Rosengard.

Britney Spears' lawyer has already announced that he was looking for possible embezzlement and would demand accounts if necessary.

The next hearing to rule on the guardianship of the princess of pop will take place at the end of next month.

A good Christmas in perspective for the future bride?


Britney Spears' father decided to change lawyers

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