Futaba Town, Fukushima Prefecture, which aims to lift the evacuation order in June next year, held a briefing session for residents evacuating from the town on the 26th, and explained for the first time the plan to start preparatory accommodation from January next year. ..

Futaba Town, where the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station is located, is aiming to lift the evacuation order in the area around JR Futaba Station in June next year and start returning residents.

On the 26th, a briefing session was held in Iwaki City for residents evacuating from the town, and more than 30 people participated.

Introduction Mayor Shiro Izawa plans to start "preparatory accommodation" in which residents will sleep to rebuild their lives in January next year before the evacuation order is lifted, and will return most of the office functions to Futaba Town by the end of August next year. He explained that he plans to start moving in some of the disaster public housing that will be built on the west side of JR Futaba Station from October next year.

Residents have requested the construction of facilities where people who are not in the area where evacuation orders are lifted can stay, and the improvement of the environment such as tree planting so that they can return to their hometown before the earthquake.

A man in his 70s evacuating to Iwaki said, "I can't go home because my house is the site of an interim storage facility, but if there is a facility where I can stay in the town, I can feel the connection with my hometown. I think. "

A man in his 70s, who is also evacuating to Iwaki City, said, "I'm thinking of preparing for accommodation, so I want to live a life like before the earthquake in my hometown as soon as possible."

This resident briefing will be held in 10 locations nationwide, including Saitama Prefecture and Tokyo, until next month.