Two years after the reissue of her first album Brol released in 2018, Angèle is back with a new album entitled


(understand ninety-five, as her year of birth).

The star announced on Twitter the date of his disc, scheduled for December 10.

And to unveil the tracklist, she filmed herself on an attraction, screaming between laughs the names of the 12 tracks that make up the album.

Last week, we got a taste of the sound atmosphere of



Angèle unveiled 

Brussels I love you

, accompanied by the clip that goes with it.

It is a true declaration of love for the Belgian capital, "the most beautiful", according to the lyrics of the song.

"I missed you," "you're my favorite," she sings in particular.

We find the stamp that made the young woman famous.

Will success be there again?

Answer at the beginning of December.



Angèle unveils her "anti sexism academy" in the clip of "Balance Ton What"


The video for "Fever", duo of Angèle and Dua Lipa, is online

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