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The new opposition leader in Hungary, Peter Marki-Zay, during an interview with AFP in Budapest, October 18, 2021. ATTILA KISBENEDEK AFP

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Businesses are looking to hire, and in some industries they can't find it.

The phenomenon is linked to the recovery, after the months of shutdown due to the pandemic, but not only.


The problem has existed for several years, in



particular, but confinements have been there.

And those who work are increasingly questioning their relationship to employment, their working conditions and their wages.

The sectors most affected are construction, industry, home help, but also catering.

Report in the north of France by

Lise Verbeke

In comparison, the

United Kingdom

appears to be more severely affected by the labor shortages observed in Europe.

During the summer and fall we could see sparse supermarket shelves, dry gas stations due to a lack of tanker drivers and a wave of panic among the population.

We take stock in London with our correspondent,

Marie Billon

Peter Marki-Zay, the sole opposition candidate in Hungary



, the political parties are now in order for the legislative elections next April.

The opposition, from left to far right, has united to present a single candidate, and it is up to

Peter Marki-Zay

to try to beat outgoing Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Romain Lemaresquier.

The sea of ​​Marmara transformed into a sea of ​​glanders by pollution

In the spring and last summer, the inhabitants of the shores of the Sea of ​​Marmara,



have seen thick layers of viscous foam spread over their beaches and in their harbors, giving off the odor of rotting algae.

This plant substance, “mucilage”, occurs naturally in the Sea of ​​Marmara and around the world.

But this time, the phenomenon has taken on proportions never seen in Turkey.

At issue: the intensive pollution on the shores of this relatively small inland sea.

If nothing is done, the phenomenon will recur and worsen, gradually suffocating underwater life and drying up the fishery resources in these once lavish waters.

In Istanbul, it is a report by

Anne Andlauer.


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