A natural drink that lowers blood sugar levels within minutes

A healthy diet is the most important step for living with type 2 diabetes, and scientific studies indicate that one of the juices that has a wide range of healthy qualities can lower blood sugar levels in a short time frame of up to 15 minutes, which is beetroot juice. .

Beetroot juice contains a wide range of healthy qualities and natural chemicals that give beets their rich purple colour, contains powerful antioxidants, and is rich in nitrates.

These compounds are involved in important metabolic processes that may act as a barrier against diabetes-related risk factors. According to studies, beets store nitrates in their roots as do other plants including celery, watercress, and radish, all of which are abundant in nitrates.

Interestingly, beets or beets harvested in the summer have lower nitrate concentrations than those harvested in the fall, as more exposure to light may lead to a decrease in nitrate accumulation.

And the British newspaper “Express” points out, in a report, some caveats, as once nitrates are converted to nitric oxide, they increase blood flow to different organs, which makes it have an effect on blood pressure patients, and therefore patients are advised to consult a doctor before introducing beets or beets into the system. food.

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